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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Get yourself some coffee and have a seat.

The morning was warmer than I had planned for. I didn’t have to wear my balaclava or gloves. The ride this morning was good.

Work went well today. The Power Point project continues. It goes on.

I finished work then I jumped on my bike and TURNED ON THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!

I am ready for Christmas!

Better yet, I saw the guy who yelled at me last week while riding home. I guess he didn’t have anything to say to me tonight since I had the Christmas lights turned on. The ride was good tonight. The warmer weather made for a better bike ride.

Oh yeah. Get your unreleased Metallica songs from the last album this week from Itunes. 4 unreleased songs from the Death Magnetic recording sessions. “Hate Train” “Just a Bullet Away” “Hell and Back” and “Rebel of Babylon” is the track listing for the EP “Beyond Magnetic”. If you haven’t purchased “Death Magnetic” do so. It is a great album. I plan to download “Beyond” tonight. Go get yours from Itunes.

I played Skyrim (Game of the YEAR!) last night. I am still stuck on a certain level. I didn’t try really hard to beat the level, so I will have to play the game tonight. I did receive my HDMI cable splitter in the mail today. No more unplugging one cable from the cable box and having to plug it into the PS3. Now when I turn off the cable box, the PS3 kicks in automatically.

And yes, I am beat. See you tomorrow for more bikes and coffee.