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Manic Monday Midtown. Did you survive?

I started out at Republic Coffee early this morning. Wow. Where is everyone? The place was empty. I had a good chat with the manager after I had read the news. I always enjoy a good talk with the staff.

I then set off for the Greenline. Although the temperature was cold, I felt good. I made it to work without any problems. I placed my fully loaded backpack in the basket on the back-end along with a book, toolkit and lunch box. I can fit many things into that basket.

Monday is always busy at work. The time flew by. I did do some more work on the Power Point project. I really cannot tell when the project will be completed. I keep adding to the project.

Big news. My wife found a set of Christmas lights for me at Walmart for my bike! 3 C batteries later and I am set. $12 for batteries and lights AND she found a reflective vest for me to use at night. I’m going to be brighter than a Christmas tree!

My bike has Christmas lights!

Riding home I noticed the air was much warmer. I didn’t have to use gloves or my balaclava. I have to say it was enjoyable weather tonight to be riding in. I was near the halfway point of my ride along Mullins when I attempted to cross the street. All the traffic stopped, except one truck. He didn’t appear to understand why all the other vehicles had stopped. “Hello” I said and waved at him. Yeah, everyone is stopped at the stop sign to let me cross, all except for you. I have FOUR lights on! Pedal, pedal, pedal and I reached the Highland intersection. I pressed the crossing button and waited for the light to turn red for the motorists. The lights turned red and every car stopped… except one. This car just rolled into the intersection without stopping. This time it was my turn to yell. “HEY!” I screamed at the car and pointed to the red light. Amazing how motorists just drive into red lights.

Plans for tonight? Skyrim and a drink. I am beat. Oh I have to say my wife made home-made chicken soup. Awesome! The weather tomorrow is forecast to be amazing. 40-60 degrees. No gloves, no balaclava; I can’t wait. Go get yourself some coffee, christmas lights and a beer and I will see you back here tomorrow. Cheers!