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And then I ran over some glass… What a way to start a day.

Midtown, it is Finally Friday. Live loud!

I had a fun conversation with D. at Republic Coffee this morning. There is always something to talk about at the coffee shop. There’s even more, but I will get to it later.

I began my ride along the Greenline this morning and at the very beginning I found GLASS. I hate broken glass. My arch-enemy. Yeah, you HAD to break that bottle at the end of the Greenline. Couldn’t have done it anywhere else yeah? After brushing my tires off and hoping I didn’t damage my tires, I headed off. Remember I had my new bike rack and basket attached this morning. Lunch box, book and tool kit are stowed behind me. I have to admit I REPEATEDLY checked to make sure nothing fell out during the entire ride. I have a thing about checking things REPEATEDLY. Yes, I know my wallet is in my pocket. I just have to MAKE SURE that it is really there; again and again. So I am riding my bike and I can tell I am riding somewhat slower today. My pace was okay, I just couldn’t gain speed. I arrived at work about 5 minutes slower than usual. Hey it’s about getting there safe and sound, I’m not worried about the speed.

I worked on the Power Point Presentation a bit, but I need to step back from it to take a few days off so I can look at it fresh again soon. I did order some presents online. 4 to be exact. Some of you lucky people out there will get something good! AND… I AM researching how to go about putting Christmas lights on the bike. The only problem? Finding the lights. Yes I can order the lights online, but it will take to long for shipping the lights. And local stores state the lights are out of stock. Doh! Good idea, bad execution. BUT, I am still attempting the bike Christmas lights.

Leaving work, I retraced my steps back along the Greenline. Again my pace was fine, but I didn’t have the speed I needed. I can’t tell if it is the cold weather, or maybe I am not getting enough sleep. Hmmm… Again, there are not enough hours in my day. BUT the new bike rack worked great. I put my backpack in the basket and all was good. The basket worked like a charm. Yes, a small child could fit in the basket. And my blinking lights fit in the bottom of the basket; two tail lights. Awesome!

As I neared the end of my ride I stopped and pulled out a flashlight to look for the broken glass I discovered in the morning. I swept as much off the trail as I could. It was only a few minutes later I discovered I was 10 minutes off my mark. Only now did I figure out that I stopped and swept away the broken glass which accounted for much of that time.

I ran home, ate dinner and showered and dressed up for a family party. (Yeah my day NEVER ends). The party was good. I laughed and had a good time. Oh, and a family member had a Republic Coffee mug he showed me. Apparently the owner sat at their table and talked to him for nearly 3 hours. Funny how you run into items at different times of the day. “I was just at RC this morning” I said. AND I was called out for NOT stopping by Cheffies near the Greenline. “I know, I know. I plan on eating there.” Put it on the list with several other places that are amazing. NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN MY DAY!

The time is 11:11 p.m. and I am BEAT!

Tomorrow? Yes tomorrow I get my hair cut, shop for Christmas presents, laundry, and Skyrim (the most played game at this time!). Yes EXCITING! A bit of t.v. and I will be SO asleep. See YOU on the Greenline Midtown.