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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. And I have proof it is Thirsty Thursday. More on that later.

It is COLD outside Midtown! Freezing cold! I did notice a few wrecks this morning. YOU CANNOT DRIVE FAST ON ICE MEMPHIS! Uhhhh… icy bridge; slow down. I headed to Republic Coffee and enjoyed my iced coffee. Next up? The Greenline. I was carefull to ride in the drier areas and watched my speed. The wooden bridges did have ice on them, but I minded my speed and the ride was fine. I was about 4 minutes off my pace this morning.

I am STILL working on the Power Point presentation for work. It is still a work in progress, but coming along nicely.

I finished work and headed home along the Greenline. I wasn’t cold. The temperature outside was not bad at all. By the time I reached the top of Shelby Farms, I was in a GREAT mood. My pace was slower but I felt so happy. I was in the zone. I was REALLY enjoying the ride. The rest of the ride was fine UNTIL I reached the intersection of Highland. I pushed the crossing light button and waited for my turn to cross the intersection. The traffic light turned red, and I proceeded to cross the street. All the cars were stopped, except ONE. As I was halfway across the intersection I noticed a pickup truck that just rolled into the intersection. She was driving very slowly for some reason. (She was confused by a red light?) I pointed up to the red light and said “What the hell?” She saw me, but she kept on driving. Uhh… the red light means STOP. Just sayin’.

So I made my way home and installed my bike rack. At first I thought “There is no way this bike rack is going to work.” I started my work in the dark (I had to make it a challenge). After an hour or so, the rack was installed AND I fixed a basket to the rack. I was amazed at how solid the fit was. I am one happy camper. (Pictures to be shot and posted soon.) The only thing left to do was to try the rack and basket out.

Next stop? Central BBQ and FREE PINT GLASS Night! It is Thirsty Thursday! Well SOMEONE had to make sure the rack and basket worked properly at 8:00 p.m. I pedaled over to Central BBQ, locked up my bike and ordered my beer; Snow Day. Good beer I have to say. AND I received my free pint glass. Ty 3 / Central BBQ -3 for those of you keeping score at home. I was very happy tonight. Rack installed, basket installed and a FREE pint glass. And of course I had to place the FREE pint glass in the basket for the ride home. This sums up what it means to live in Midtown. I can ride my bike to Central BBQ, get myself some beer or something to eat, and ride back home. Everything is so close to home. It doesn’t get better than this Midtown. This evening came together very nicely.

Hey! YOU can be out riding as well! Before you start complaining about how COLD it is outside, you can solve this problem. Get yourself some gloves, thermal underwear, a balaclava and you are set! Do it! I was apprehensive about riding in the cold, but it is not a problem as long as you prepare yourself properly for the cold weather. Ice Bike!

“Moon” is playing on t.v. tonight. I’m not paying much attention to the movie, (letting the movie play in the background) but it is a great movie. I have viewed it months ago and the movie still holds up. Watch it if you missed it on DVD.

I am looking at various lights for my bike. Yes, I have 4 lights, but I think I want to add a few more in different areas. I am thinking of adding smaller lights on the wheels. The lights are cheap and should work fine. If I could only add some Christmas lights to the bike…. hmmm. Something to think about. Crazy? Yes. Possible? Why not?

No video games tonight. I am beat! I didn’t play last night either. There certainly is not enough hours in my day. I even worked on some of the Power Point presentation just prior to writing this post. Drop Box, you make bringing work home so easy, but then again, I’m working at home. (If you don’t have Drop Box GET IT! It makes everything so much easier to add or transfer files from one computer or Iphone to another). And I may be downloading some more video’s tonight for the presentation.

Alright, time to start rambling ramblers. Get ready for the weekend. Because HERE IT COMES! Cheers.