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Two for Tuesday Midtown. I hope you have some extra time. This post is the “double extra-large, more post for your money, now 25% larger, super sized” post. This day was CRAZY, get ready to rock.

Today started at Republic Coffee. No waffles today, but I did enjoy an iced coffee. After reading the news, I headed to the Greenline. I really felt good riding this morning. I had my balaclava on.

Ice Bike!

My lower legs are chilly as well as my forearms. Another problem to fix. And my feet! Can my feet can any colder. Electric socks. I will investigate. My pace was pretty good, only 3 minutes off my usual time.

Soooo….. I received an email from Groupon. If you remember from last week, I purchased a Groupon deal; 6 bottles of vodka for $60.00. (Now, now, it is my business exactly what I would do with 6 bottles of vodka.) And I had a gift certificate, PLUS $5 off as well. Great deal. The math worked out to about $5 and change for each bottle. Cool. Back to the email. “We are sorry to inform you that we are not allowed to ship alcohol to the state of Tennessee.” Yeah see, Groupon FORGOT to include Tennessee to the exemption list in the fine print. I read the fine print. Tennessee was not in the fine print, but it is now. Now Groupon isn’t exactly some mom and pop company ran in the back room of a run down building. Are you telling me someone FORGOT to check which states did not allow alcohol to be shipped? This was a nationwide campaign. I believe there will be a large number of upset customers, me included. And to make matters worse, the fee’s were paid with a gift certificate, American Express and gift points. Shipping was an additional charge. Sorry Mr. Accountant, who has to figure this refund out. Good luck. You can thank the fact checkers on this deal. Thanks Groupon.

Next up? I received an email from the owner of Central BBQ. If you remember from last week’s post, I went by Central BBQ to pick up a beer and a FREE pint glass (Wednesday and Thursday, Central BBQ Central Ave. location only). This offer was posted on the Central BBQ Facebook page. I even printed the post out just in case. Last year I was able to pick up 5 glasses before the glasses ran out. Cool. Last week I walked up to the counter, and asked if they were giving away pint glasses. “Yes” was the answer I was given. I ordered my beer and glass, paid, and had a seat. I was REALLY enjoying this beer; Sunshine Wheat. Two minutes later the person who sold me the beer walked up to my table. “Excuse me, I just want to tell you that the free pint glass offer will not be available anymore.” “Uh… WHAT?” “Hey, you got your one free glass.” I sat there dumbfounded. The offer JUST STARTED THAT VERY DAY and now it is OVER? That is a new one for me. Central BBQ posted the offer on the company Facebook page. They have a HUGE amount of fans. Do you realize how many Facebook users saw the offer of a free pint glass on Wednesday and Thursday? I went home, and wrote a note on the owners Facebook page, asking why the deal was cancelled. Today I received an answer. The owner stated that the Wednesday / Thursday Free Pint Glass offer was indeed happening. He apologized for the mix up and was very eager to make sure I was a happy customer. I called Central BBQ today to make sure the offer was valid. I was told that the offer is good Wednesday and Thursday at the Central BBQ Central Avenue location. I’m a happy customer; just as long as I get my free pint glass. No worries.

And next? My ride home. Usually my ride home is uneventful. Not tonight. I am two miles into my ride when a pickup truck stops on the side of the street. The guy gets out of his truck and starts to yell at me. “I can’t see you!” I circle back to him and say “I have 4 lights on my bike” (pointing the lights out. 3 of the lights are blinking) I have one red blinking light under my seat, one red blinking light on my back, one white flashing light on the handlebars and one non-flashing light on the opposite handle bar. “You need an orange construction vest! I’m a jogger, that is what I wear. You need a light on your head!” A light on my head? Where? The front of my head? The back of my head? The side of my head? Which side? I HAVE FOUR LIGHTS ON! 3 LIGHTS ARE BLINKING! Reflective vest? Okay, I understand that. I will look into a reflective vest. But a light on my head? How do you NOT see the four lights? Just to make sure, when I finished my ride, I looked at the front and back of my bike. How this guy couldn’t see my four lights, I have no idea. (You realize I will have to do a photo re-enactment!) How many runners have I noticed running along the Greenline without ONE light on at night? To many to count. To be fair, I do see cyclists without lights on as well in the evening. But why this guy is yelling at me, I don’t know. Secondly he didn’t mention that he used a light while running. And he didn’t appear to be athletic at all. I’m not sure the last time he ran, without lights. Just sayin’. This was one of the strangest experiences I have ever had. The rest of the ride was fine. There was some mist in the air, but it didn’t make the ride any worse. My time was only 5 minutes off, but that is not unusual for the night time ride.

Oh and I received my bike rack today in the mail.

Hello bike rack.

I also received my power saving power strip.

Save me some MONEY!

Just plug your power sucking t.v. into the first socket, and when you turn the t.v. off, EVERYTHING is turned off. Save me money! I also purchased a smaller switch with a timer. Again, save me money!

Alright, I hope you enjoyed the double extra-large post today. Get ready for hump day! And get your pint glass at Central BBQ tomorrow. Cheers.