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Manic Monday Midtown. Get out your umbrella’s today because your gonna get wet.

Ice bike Monday? I think not. Sorry, riding 22 miles in the rain does not sound like the way to begin a Monday. Not doing it, not for me, at all. Period. But I will tell you how I did begin the day; with WAFFLES!

Starting my day with... waffles!

I drove to Republic Coffee and ordered an iced coffee AND a waffle. Waffles should have their own day of the week, or at least a national holiday. How can you go wrong with waffles? You can’t. Bad day? Get a waffle. Monday? Find a waffle to eat. Love me the waffles.

Work was very busy today. And I am taking some of it home to revamp a program. Type, think, type more, think more, look for a video to use to prove the point, and type some more. The new program should only take a few hours of work tonight.

The book “Empire of Gold” by Andy McDermott is a good read. I am halfway into the book. I do find it interesting why some authors kill characters off. There is one successful author that I enjoy and he kills a compelling character off in the first chapter of every book he writes. “I was just starting to really like this character and he kills ’em.” I guess all of the bad guys can’t be killed off in the first chapter, but still. Kill off characters in chapter 15 or something. Let the characters live! Oh well all is fair in love and war and fiction.

Tired of your headphones ending up in a tangle? Try Applecore. This bit of plastic keeps your headphones coiled up nicely. Check out Applecore here. Thanks Lifehacker!

Plans for tonight? Skyrim. I’m doing well with the game, but I think I need to level the character up. The next part of the game is supposed to be more difficult, so I need some practice! I did find ANOTHER person playing Skyrim. I’m sure we will be talking more about the game in the near future. Just mention the game and you will find SOMEONE near you that is playing this game.

I hope your day was good. If not there is always Tuesday. See ya back here tomorrow Midtown.