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Sunday Midtown. Didja enjoy your day off?

Lunch today? The Brass Door downtown. We have been to the Brass Door in early September. Three months later and the food is still good. I like going to this place on weekends during the day. The bar is very well attended at night, so a lunch, brunch or early dinner is perfect. What did I order? The Irish Breakfast.

Hello Irish Breakfast!

I have to say the Irish Breakfast was good as always. A ton of bacon, an egg, toasted bread, blood pudding, one large banger, beans, and potatoes. We invited a friend of ours along and she ordered the same as I did. My wife ordered a 1/2 BELT (Bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato’s) and vegetable soup.

Sandwich and soup

I told our friend I would clean up that plate. And I did. The plate was clean after a few minutes. Do yourself a favor and go to the Brass Door. You will love it.

Dinner? How about a shrimp boil. Shrimp, corn, and potatoes. This dinner was great. And there was enough left over for lunch during the week.


I did play Skyrim for a couple of hours. The game is awesome, but it appears the game is getting more difficult.

Plans for tomorrow? No bike ride to work. The rain is forecast to continue all day long. No thanks. I do plan to have waffles for breakfast though. Ummm… best way to start a rainy Monday; waffles.

Get ready for the week coming up because here… it… comes.