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Finally Friday Midtown! Loving the Friday.

So, I walked into Republic Coffee this morning and I was surprised to see the Manager D. putting up the Christmas decorations. Cool! I will have to take some pictures soon and post them.

After finishing my coffee I jumped on my bike and made my way to work. Although it was cold outside, I felt good. My pace was good as well. I was only 2 minutes off my pace along the Greenline. And then… I ride to the bottom of Shelby Farms and find… the gate locked. What? It is 9:30 a.m. Why is the gate locked? Jump the gate and fence or go back to the street? Barb wire or an extra couple of minutes. I pick street. I had this premonition of me and my bike caught up in barbed wire. So back I went to the street to make my way to the intersection.

Speaking of bikes, I dreamed last night that my bike and skateboard (I don’t own a skateboard) were stolen in Mexico by corrupt police officials. Weird….

Riding back home tonight I came across a few joggers and two cyclists without lights. Hello. I can’t see you if you walk / jog / ride without at light. I have FOUR lights. THREE lights blink. And the cars at Mullins STILL do not see me. I stand at the intersection and wave to the cars who blow past the stop sign. Hello. Yes. I am waiting for you to stop at the stop sign. No. Guess you didn’t see it. Big red thing with the word “STOP” spelled out. Motorists, you may want to stop at these signs. I do. Oh, and a BIG hello goes out to the person who failed to stop at the crossing intersection at Highland. Full red light and he never stopped. Wow.

Action news 5 featured a story about bike safety and rules of the road today. The presentation was a good one. See the story here from Action News 5.

So after months of debate I have decided to purchase a bike rack for the back of my bike. You have to understand, my decision process goes something like this: See the product. Think about getting said product. Look at product again online. Think more about the product. Wait…. sometimes for months or years. Remember the product months or years later (it took me over 10 years to purchase Doc Martin boots. After wearing the boots twice, I sold them on Ebay). Look up product again online. Think some more about purchasing the product. Weigh the costs of purchasing the product. Think about the product some more. Then, finally, buy the product. Yeah, I know, the decision process sounds crazy, but that is how it works for me.

Oh yeah, I cleaned up my email in box today. I had over 4000 emails. 95% of the emails were junk. I finally have the in box down to 250 emails. I did find this Christmas email from many years ago while doing a tour of Germany and Italy (one week each country, with Paris and Amsterdam thrown in for fun.) So here is the email I sent out in 2003 to family and friends from Europe:

“Hellllo…. from Berlin Germany! Took the train at 7:00 a.m. to Berlin from Amsterdam. That meant I had to be up at 5:00 a.m. It took 6.5 hours, but I had an entire train cabin to myself. I slept about 2 hours on the way.

Yesterday I slept in late and went to the Heineken Museum. Then I had lunch, pancakes and beer….. mmmmm….. Now this part I am NOT making up. The Pankcake Hause near my Hotel served pancakes all day. While looking over the menu, I had a choice of many kinds of pancakes. On the menu, cross my heart, and I am NOT MAKING THIS UP, was “TEX-MEX” pancakes. From what I could tell, they were spicy pancakes. So I did the only thing I could think of and ……. ordered the mixed fruit pancakes. (I like mexican food, but not that much).

At the end of the tour at the Heineken Museum I was in the gift shop when I heard a band start to play. The salesman leaned over the counter and told me “Look, there’s Cinder Klause, and his helpers”. I must have had a weird look on my face, because he repeated himself. It was Santa Clause and his helpers playing instruments. Everyone was all dressed up in festive costumes, and the music they played sounded like a New Orleans Jazz Band. It was really …. weird. So I purchased a few Heineken items and left.

(EDITORS NOTE! I can STILL remember Cinder Klause to this very day. It was a very strange affair.)

Now to bring you up to date on Berlin. I arrived at my hotel , which was about 2 blocks from the train station (I planned it that way). It’s a big building with heavy wooden doors everywhere. I was thinking of going to the Egyptian museum, but from what I could tell the museum was not near my hotel. The receptionist gave me a great map of Berlin that had the museum on it. I went to the subway station, got a ticket and was off to the museum. I got off the train, walked 10 minutes, and I was at the museum. No problem. The museum entry fee was only 6 euro. Plus they gave you a CD player that provided info on all the artifacts. It wasn’t a huge museum, but it was very good.

(EDITORS NOTE! You can tell how old this email is. The museum was using CD players back then!)

So I am now walking back to the subway station and I see a bunch of umbrellas outside on a patio. The umbrella’s have the “Corona” beer logo on them. I looked at the restaurant….. It was a mexican food restaurant 🙂 but it was closed. So i am waiting for my train and I look up and there is an ad for a restaurant… A MEXICAN FOOD RESTAURANT. (not the same restaurant). I took down the address. I will visit it tomorrow. Lets see how them Germans cook up fajitas here 🙂

My hotel is very close to the Keiser Wilhelm bombed church thingy (sorry I have to look the name up to tell you what it is). There is a Christmas village all around it with food, drinks and presents. It’s very crowded.

(EDITORS NOTE! I ate at the Christmas village EVERY DAY! The food was awesome!)

I got back to the hotel and asked about an internet cafe. They pointed out directions, just 1 block away. So I am walking and I hear all these sirens. There are police cars escorting rollerbladers down the street, and the rollerbladers are all dressed up like elves. Oh well, only in berlin.

(EDITORS NOTE! Back then, you didn’t have WiFi. You HAD to go to an internet cafe and pay (usually by the hour) to use a desktop to email home. I lived in some of these cafes while in Europe. AND those rollerblading elves? I have no recollection of this incident at all. I do remember Cinder Klaus but not the elves. Funny how memories work.)

From Berlin,


Yeah, that was a TRIP! If I remember correctly the trip lasted three weeks in Europe. With an exciting last day trip to make it out of the country and home.

It appears there is a new reader to the blog. Hello Info Station. Good to see you here. Hope you enjoy the blog.

Plans for tomorrow? Bike ride along Madison. Coffee. Reading. Skyrim. Get out and ride Midtown. Have a great weekend, thanks for reading and I will see you here tomorrow. Cheers.