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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Ice Bike? Uhhhh… no. I wanted to ride to work this morning, BUT I had a doctor’s appointment. No worries, the appointment was only to get some paperwork signed off by a doctor. Reflexes? Good. Heart? Good. Sound mind? The doctor paused on that item. “Sound mind… ooookay.” Thanks doctor. The entire process was painless for the most part.

I did have an interesting conversation about PS3 games while drinking coffee this morning. I can only play about one hour at a time, although many years ago I could play for HOURS at a time. I have to be getting old.

If you lose your iOS device, you can always find it with “Prey”. Get this app. I have Prey set up on my home computers. If the device is stolen, Prey will help you retrieve it. I have read several interesting stories of people using similar apps to find their lost or stolen items. Don’t wait until tomorrow, download the app or software today. Read all about “Prey” at lifehacker.com.

I am continuing to read “The Secrets of the FBI” by Ronald Kessler. Good book. Not great, but good. And I am still reading “Empire of Gold” by Andy McDermott. Empire is a good book as well. Slow start, but the book is getting good now.

Are you ready for a “protected bike route”? I know I am. Plans for linking Shelby Farms, Broad Avenue and Overton Park are in the works. Look for that “cycle track” in the future. (The cycle track has a physical buffer, not just a stripe, to keep cyclists safer). Sounds GREAT to me. Read all about the latest plans in the Commercial Appeal here.

Oh, and I went by the liquor store on Madison to purchase some wine for my wife. I am SPENDING MONEY ON MADISON. I will give those bike lanes a ride this weekend. Go spend money on Madison. Support local business.

Time for some Skyrim and some drinks. See you back here tomorrow Midtown. Cheers.