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Hump day Midtown. Or should I call today “Ice Bike Wednesday”? Was it cold enough this morning?

I woke up early in the morning and headed to Coffee Town. “You riding today?” was the question of the morning. “Yes I am!” Cold weather gear? Check. Two pair of socks? Check. Short sleeve shirt? Check. Balaclava? Check. Skull helmet? Check. Gloves? Check. Ipod on shuffle? Check. Well I guess I am ready to ride. Yes it was cold this morning. I was mostly warm. The balaclava worked out great. My face was totally warm. Feet? Cold. I need to fix this problem. Even during the ride home my feet were cold. Gloves? Worked great. My upper body was warm, except for my lower arms. I can fix this problem with a long sleeve shirt. Legs? Mostly warm. I was wearing my bike shorts under the cold weather gear. I can fix this problem by wearing something a bit better than old jogging pants. Over all the ride was fine. I only felt one small spot of ice on the bridge near Shelby Farms. My time was right on pace too.

Riding home was just about the same as the ride in the morning. My only complaint was joggers who were running without any lights. I only saw two other cyclists out riding this evening. One didn’t have lights. I have FOUR lights on my bike, and three of those lights were blinking. It amazes me how cars do not notice me at intersections. I have FOUR lights on!

After work I ate dinner then went to a local place to check out a deal that was announced on Facebook by the owner of the establishment. I purchased the special, sat down and enjoyed it. A few minutes later the manager came to my table and said the deal was no longer valid. What? Tonight was the first night of the special that was to run until the end of the year. When I asked the manager about the special Saturday, he said the deal would happen. When I asked the manager about the special tonight when I was ordering, he said it was occurring. Then minutes later he said the deal was cancelled. That was the strangest thing that has happened to me in a LONG TIME. I do have to say I wasn’t looking my best; I still had on my biking clothes. I did wonder if they thought I was homeless. I’m not homeless! I sent a message to the owner via Facebook asking what was going on. You promote a special, then on the first day cancel the special? Uhhhh… what? Stranger still, other customers behind me were ordering the same special. And the “give away item” was all wrapped up and ready to be distributed to customers. I don’t get it.

In better news, I did purchase an offer from Groupon today. $60 for six bottles of vodka, assorted brands and flavors. BUT… I had a gift certificate and I had been wondering what to use the gift certificate on. And… I had a $5 discount to use for Groupon. So for around $25 I get SIX bottles of vodka. Happy birthday to me. I usually buy one bottle a week and it is the cheap stuff. Every week I tell the clerk, “One day I will buy the expensive stuff.” And he says to me every week, “Buy what you want.” He won’t see me for six weeks!

First Thursday Midtown. Check it out.

Get ready for the weekend Midtown. Here it comes! Cheers!