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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Are you keeping warm? Last night, as the snow was falling, I was estimating Midtown would get a huge snowfall. I mean the snowflakes were THIS BIG. But when I woke up early this morning, there wasn’t any snow on the ground.

I did worry about ice along the Greenline, so no bike to work today. I am geared up for a bike ride Wednesday morning though. After arriving at the coffee shop this a.m. I discovered that one employee rode her bike to work early this morning. She is younger, and would be able to regroup faster if she fell. I would have a much harder time getting… up… off… the… ground… if I fell. She said she didn’t see any ice this morning during her ride. We chatted a bit about cold weather clothing, then I was off to work.

I found this from my Facebook page: FuzzyBrew.com reports that there will be a “Barely a 4k Beer Run” on December 17th. For a $15 registration fee you get to run and receive a Yazoo t-shirt and two beverages. Go here to read all about the event. I was researching my chances of running in the event when I discovered I have to work that day. Doh! BUT… I may email the company and ask if I can pay the fee for the t-shirt. This event sounds great and the run takes place downtown.

I am continuing to play Skyrim with the PS3. The news out today is that there will an app with a map of the game. Why is a map needed for the game? The game is HUGE. The app will let users place markers and it appears users can share their gaming experiences with others. This should be an interesting app for gamers. Read more here from UsaToday.com.

And I am continuing to poke about for ebooks, but no books are standing out as of now. I am STILL waiting for the “Devil Colony” book from the library. Waiting, waiting, waiting….

Time for some Skyrim, then a drink. Keep warm and safe Midtown. I will see you back here tomorrow.