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And it is Monday. I hope you are ready Midtown.

The weather was cold and wet today. All day. Not good for those who enjoy biking to work. For one local, riding a skateboard to work is how he gets around. 6 miles by skateboard, good for him. I’ve given this “longboard” a try many years ago. The longboard is exactly that; long. I did find it easy to use. At various times I used the longboard to lock a gate in the evening down a very long driveway. And you can work up a good sweat with the effort you put in. Read the story here from the Commercial Appeal.

Speaking of commuting, I received my thermal gear today from U.P.S.

This will keep me warm!

I did try the gear on. The fit and feel are good. The only thing left is to try out the gear in the cold weather. Snow is forecast for tonight. Tomorrow should be interesting.

Cyber Monday deals? I found ZERO deals. Amazon.com didn’t offer any good books at a discount. Ibooks didn’t offer any deals either. Your killing me here. I was ready to spend money, but it didn’t work out.

I used the Whole Foods daily deal coupon today. $10 for $20 for food. We picked up two soups and chicken and a few other things. Thanks Whole Foods!

Make this week your best week ever and get out and rock!