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The last day of the four day weekend. And I did a lot of… nothing.

We stopped in at Coffee Town for some drinks. After a short time, we headed to the grocery store. Yes, an exciting day. The weather was not good at all today.

Even the news was slow today. I did find Doug at www.bikinginmemphis.com posted some new posts. It is always good to see new stuff at “biking in Memphis.”

I am continuing to play Skyrim. The game is great. I only played a few hours today, and I am amazed at how huge the game is.

“Empire of Gold” the book by Andy McDermott is coming along nicely. A good read.

Cyber Monday will arrive shortly. I am looking for discounted ebooks. We will see how the deals look soon enough.

I’m done for the day. Get ready, because Monday is knocking at your door.