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The weekend is here Midtown! Get out and do something.

I slept in this morning, again. This 4 day weekend is something else. I made my way to Republic Coffee to get my day started. After having a cup of coffee, I decided to have a waffle.

Sign me up! I'll take TWO!

I have to say the waffle was good, and only $3.50. I should have ordered more breakfast.

I played PS3 Skyrim for a while. I totally screwed up in the game, forgot to do something and find myself in a pickle. Which means I have to play an older saved version of the game which will set me back by a few hours. If you want to read a review of Skyrim, the New York Times has a review. And the review is on the mark.

I also found an hour worth of time to set up Prey on all of the home computers. If your desktop / laptop is stolen, Prey will send out a report to your email account. Prey can take photo’s of the thief, screen shots, and can even send the thief a message. That done, I also setup a second home motion sensor camera using an old laptop. This time I am using yawcam. The program took time to configure since the laptop was so old, but it works.

Lastly, I picked up $25 worth of FREE BBQ at Central BBQ this evening…. FREE BBQ? Remember today is AMX small business day. If you registered your card, like I did, and spent $25 at a small business, AMX will credit your card back $25. So I went by Central BBQ and purchased one pound of chicken and one pound of beef, and a tea. Total cost $26.00. When I arrived home, I was surprised I had received an email from AMX letting me know $25 would be credited to my account in 5 days. Easy enough. And FREE.

Up coming events? How about a FREE movie at the Memphis Library? “The Light Thief” will be shown at the B. Hooks Library at 6:00 p.m. on November 30th. I have heard the movie is a good one. Did I mention the movie is FREE? And other movies will be presented on various days. See the list below. Thanks Memphis Library!

Have a great weekend and I will see you back here tomorrow for more Skyrim, FREE Memphis Events, and BBQ. (And I do have to say that R.C. waffle looks amazing!)