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Did you survive Thanksgiving? I did, but that was a whole lotta food, let me tell ya.

Today? I slept in. It is a four day weekend. I found myself in the same place whenever I have these LONG weekends; what do I do. After waking up, I played the PS3 for an hour. Then I headed to Republic Coffee (yes the shop is open today from 12:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.) The shop wasn’t crowded and the vibe was a slower one that I usually enjoy. I like the “get ready to go to work” vibe, and not the “let’s chill out” vibe. I purchased a cup of coffee and read the news. I even had a book with me that I didn’t get into.

After I decided that I couldn’t find my groove, I headed to Central BBQ for lunch. Better yet, I WALKED to Central BBQ. The weather is great, so I can wear a t-shirt and in minutes I was standing… in line. Yes, there was a line out of the door for customers who wanted some good BBQ. I ordered a beef sandwich with fries on the side and a tea. The BBQ was good as always.

Loving me some Central BBQ

Yesterday while out walking I ran into this:

"2011 - The church was torn down to make way for a pharmacy." They kinda missed the most important fact in the story.

So CVS tore down the church, but put this plaque up. I never noticed the plaque until yesterday. I am sure I have driven by it countless times. I say it again and again, you see so much more when riding your bike or walking. I’m not sure what the purpose of the plaque was. “There was an old church here, but we tore it down.”

Do you have some extra time? ALOT of extra time. You can try the new IOS game “Desert Bus” ($0.99). The game is from the 90’s but never released officially. The game? You drive a bus from Tuscon to Las Vegas. BUT… you cannot pause the game. You have to drive the entire way, in real-time. How long is the bus trip? 8 HOURS. And you receive ONE point for completing the bus trip. If you drive back to Tuscon (another 8 hours) you receive ONE point. Read the entire story here. Interesting, but I have way to much to do than drive an imaginary bus for 8 hours.

Plans for later today? More PS3. I love my lazy 4 day weekend. Go for a walk and see what you run into. Cheers Midtown!