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Thanksgiving 2011. Get ready to eat!

The day didn’t begin at the coffee shop, or the Greenline. The day began with breakfast tacos. Yeah, I should have taken a picture, but you would have been jealous. Bacon and eggs wrapped in a tortilla. Awesome! Oh and donuts to top the breakfast off.

We then went for a walk in Midtown. A good 3 mile walk at least. But since I needed my coffee fix, we stopped in at Starbucks. It was a toss up; bikes or feet. Since it had been a long time since we had walked, I voted for feet. I have to say you see so much more of the neighborhood if you walk or ride your bike.

Next on my Thanksgiving to do list? PS3 and Skyrim. I started a new level that is huge. Even with a 700 page book full of instructions, the game is difficult. But the game is really great. I played for an hour.

And finally it was time for turkey. We attended a party we attend every year and ate to much as always. The featured dessert? “Slap yo momma” pie. Great!

Plans for Friday? Coffee, maybe a massage, Skyrim for a few hours, and food.

I hope your Midtown Thanksgiving was as great as ours. I have a ton of things to be grateful for. Get out and live loud Midtown.