It is almost Thanksgiving. Get ready to rock Midtown.

I jumped on my bike to head to work this morning. At least the weather was okay for a bike ride. I did notice several cyclists riding this morning, IN SHORTS. Are you crazy? It is cold outside. The other thing I noticed was the gravel along the path on the upper north-west side of Shelby Farms. When it rains, the water washes gravel onto the path. Be careful. And… I tried out my balaclava tonight on the ride home. I was surprised how well the face mask fit and how warm the mask kept me. I didn’t actually NEED the balaclava tonight, I just wanted to try the face mask on.

Republic Coffee is closed Thursday and will re-open Friday at noon. Yup, I plan to stop in on Friday. I guess I will have to make my own coffee Thursday.

I finished my Evel Knievel book today. The book was a good read and FREE by the way. Thanks Memphis Public Library. The next book to read? “Empire of Gold” by Andy McDermott. I will let you know how the book is.

Plans for my 4 day weekend? Bike ride tomorrow along Madison, playing some PS3 and Skyrim, and turkey with friends. And some drinks. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving and I will see you here Thursday. Cheers!