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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Can today get any crazier?

Sorry no bike ride to work in the rain today. I’m just not doing it. I began today by drinking some coffee and reading the news. So, are any of your website passwords “password”? Or maybe “letmein”? You then have one of the 25 top WORST passwords.

The complete Top 25 WOST are:

  • password 123456 12345678 qwerty abc123 monkey 1234567 letmein trustno1 dragon baseball
  • 111111 iloveyou master sunshine ashley bailey passw0rd shadow 123123 654321 superman
  • qazwsx michael football

Wow. I can’t believe people use these passwords. Brilliant. Read the story here from cbcNews.

And… the book I have been wanting to read has appeared in the Memphis Library e-book lending list. “Devil Colony” by James Rollins has received GREAT reviews. Sorry publishers, I would BUY the book, but now I can download the book for FREE. Here is my argument. If I purchase an e-book, download the e-book and read it, then I SHOULD be able to GIVE the ebook to someone else, or sell it, or whatever. But I can’t. Yeah, my wife could read the same book when I am finished, but what then? So until I can sell my digital book, I will continue to read FREE books from the Memphis Public Library. I will finish my FREE Evel Knievel ebook in the next day, then begin “Empire of Gold” by Andy McDermott (paperback, used for about $5). I have read all of the other A.M. books, so this book should be as good as the others have been. By the time I finish the book Empire, my Devil Colony book should be ready to download for free.

www.IloveMemphisBlog.com listed holiday events to check out in Memphis. Number one, read this blog daily. There are many great ideas for things to see and do in Memphis. Second, Playhouse on the Square is featuring Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge. Nov. 23- Dec. 23rd. We will probably attend a performance. This sounds like my kind of show. Go!

Another event featured on ILoveMemphis? Ho Ho Ho Burlesque Show at the Hi-Tone. Dec. 9th at 9:00 p.m. Tickets are $10. Get your tickets here. Help out the Memphis Roller Derby gals and attend the show. Never been to a burlesque show? Go! These shows are FUN. We have been invited to a party that evening, so maybe we can do both. Cross your fingers.

Wait. Do you need ANOTHER event to attend in Memphis? Rocky Horror Picture Show will be EXPERIENCED December 9th at Midnight (doors 11:30 p.m.) Tickets? $10. The venue? Evergreen Theater. If you have NEVER attended ANYTHING like this, you will NEVER attend anything like this. Rocky Horror is VERY HARD to top. Better yet, read up on the cast here. Go!

American Express is offering a great deal. Register your AMX card, buy a $25 product from a small business this Saturday, and receive a $25 credit on your AMX card. There is a limit to the number of people that AMX will allow to register. I have my card registered and ready to go. I see a large purchase of BBQ in my future. Register your AMX card here.

Yeah, my work day went from okay to insanity quickly. An employee called in sick. No problem, I had another employee cover for him. But, she was supposed to cover for another employee already. So I will cover for her. With me so far? BUT… a different employee who was supposed to do paperwork for someone, was already working a shift and couldn’t do that job. So I would have to cover for the cover-er, THEN cover for the person who was already working, and unable to do paperwork, after I covered the work for the cover-er. Are you with me so far? It all worked out in the end. The cover-er had a cancellation, so she covered for someone else, and I went home on time. If you are confused, don’t worry. I told the employees I would have to make a chart just to tell them what was occurring today.

I ended the day at Memphis Pizza Cafe. After such a bad day, I needed some Italian food. I ordered the usual, salad and calzone.

Awesome salad. Love it.

Best Calzone in Memphis

The music playing at Memphis Pizza Cafe? The Ramones. Great food and great music. Oh, and the place was packed. Every table was full. I guess the bike lanes are not hurting business along Madison. Support business along Madison. I spent my money on Madison, you do the same.

Alright, time for a drink and some Skyrim. Cheers.