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You want rain? You got it. Welcome to a wet Monday Midtown.

Since the rain started in the early morning, I knew I wouldn’t be cycling to work. What can you do? Rain poncho? I don’t think a ride in the rain sounds like a fun ride at all.

I read the news and drank my coffee at Coffee Town. Not much occuring in the news.

Work, work, work and I was done. Not my best work day. The roof was leaking water, and then I had to deal with this customer. “Your door is locked.” Me-“No it’s not. We are at the other end of the hallway.” “Which way?” Me ??? (If you are on one end of the hallway and someone tells you “the other end of the hallway”, WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM TALKING ABOUT?) Me- “We are to your left.” “Well it depends on which way you are facing.” Me-“Just walk down the hallway to the last door.” When he finally arrived, “Wasn’t your office at the other end of the hallway?” Yes, that is how my entire day at work went.

I am STILL reading the Evel Knievel biography. I have completed 70% of the book. The real facts behind the “Snake Canyon” jump made the jump insane. I have to say the real story is unbelievable.

Remember, buy a Fat Tire beer at Central BBQ (Central Location) Wednesday’s and Thursday’s till the end of the year and keep the pint glass. I’m in. Is it Wednesday yet?

I played Skyrim last night for one hour. The game is very enjoyable. Wish I had more, but my energy is low and after dealing with too much stupid at work, I need to play my video game for a while tonight.

See you back here for more Evel Knievel and beer tomorrow.