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It is Sunday Midtown. Are you loving the warm weather?

We ended the day yesterday with a second trip back to the Memphis College of Art. We were looking for some discounted art. Unfortunately, there were few discounted works. No worries.

I finished the evening playing PS3 Skyrim. Good game. I have completed two objectives in the game. And tonight I start a new part of the game.

I started today with breakfast taco’s. If you haven’t eaten breakfast taco’s you don’t know what you are missing. Bacon and eggs wrapped in a tortilla. Awesome. Gotta have breakfast taco’s at least once a week. In Texas some people have breakfast taco’s every morning. I tried that, once. My waistline ended up getting larger.

Next we headed up to Republic Coffee for something to drink. I sat and read the news. Not much going on in today’s news.

Then we were off to a birthday party. My wife’s 80-year-old client was celebrating her birthday. We were the only non-relatives at the party. My wife has had family members from this family as customers for more than 17 years. The birthday girl refused presents and even cards. My wife wrote her a poem about their friendship. The birthday girl was touched by this special present. We ate bbq, and cake. The family was great and we had a nice time at the party.

What do you do after eating way to much? Time for a nap. (Exciting day, yeah?)

I am still reading the Evel Knievel book. At the midway point, the book is still good. Evel is making money hand over fist, and selling toy motorcycles. I had one of these toy motorcycles when I was a child. Apparently the toy was the most wanted toy for young kids for Christmas in the 70’s.

The plan for tomorrow? If it is NOT raining, I will ride my bike to work. I purchased a rain poncho tonight. After commuting 5 months, 2 weeks, you would think I would have a rain poncho already. I do have to say that it has only rained twice on me when I was out riding. Oh and I ordered some cold weather gear from overstock.com. I purchased a top and bottom set. The reviews were good for the cold weather gear. The total spent? $58.00. And shipping was free. I should have said gear in one weeks time.

I started laundry tonight and realized that I only needed three work shirts washed since I am off Thursday and Friday. Cool. A three day work week! My plan for my days off? Skyrim, bike riding and other assorted stuff.

And… if you are up for a FREE New Belgium pint glass, Central BBQ has them. Every Wednesday and Thursday night thru the end of the year, buy a Fat Tire, Sunshine or Snow Day beer and receive the free pint glass. Last year I went by every week and had a nice collection of glasses. I even knew the promo code the staff used for the special. “Yeah, you have to type it in there, under promo.” The staff started to ask if I worked at Central BBQ. Since last year, my wife broke a few glasses. I guess it is time to get more glasses… and beer. Read the offer here from Central BBQ at Facebook:

“Every Wed and Thur night through the end of the year, Central BBQ (central ave) is giving away New Belgium Pint glasses with the purchase of a Fat Tire, Snow Day or Sunshine Wheat draft. “Like” us on our store page for more details, specials and promotions. Thanks everyone! Craig Blondis – Facebook.”

Okay, I am setting a reminder on my phone and Ipod for Wednesday and Thursday evening till the END OF THE YEAR. I can just WALK to Central BBQ to get my free glass. I can’t wait.

Alrighty, that is all for tonight. Get yourself some beer, art and bbq Midtown. It is all right here in your back yard. Cheers.