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Saturday Midtown. The weather outside is EXCELLENT for a bike ride, a run, or a walk. Get out and enjoy this day while you can. I have a feeling the warm weather will leave us soon enough.

What did I do today? I headed up to Republic Coffee to read the paper and have a cup of coffee. It appears the Greenline was packed with people using the trail on the beautiful day. I couldn’t find a parking space at Republic Coffee or any of the side streets. Both Racine and Jay Ave. were filled with cars. I parked across the street and ran across the street to the coffee shop.

After spending an hour at the coffee shop, I returned home, put some shorts on and went for a bike ride. I made my way over to Madison Avenue. I didn’t see many cyclists using the bike lanes. I did see a couple of motorists using the bike lanes though. BUT… this should help.

"Ohhh... it's a BIKE lane".

Wet Paint.

Yes, the city is putting signs in the bike lanes to help motorists stay out of the bike lanes. I posted yesterday M.P.D. was pulling over motorists if the motorists were driving in the bike lanes. I am NOT for giving out tickets to motorists who are in the bike lanes. At least not yet. The bike lanes are new. Motorists in Midtown have to figure out the bike lanes. Only half of the bike lanes are marked with signs for bikes (the south side of Madison). I understand the frustration. Midtown will adjust; both motorists and cyclists.

Oh and check out the cars parked in front of the BBQ Shop.

Business looks good.

And check out the cars parked in front of Mercury Cleaners.

And business is fine at Mercury Cleaners.

And check out the lot full of cars in the shopping plaza at McLean and Madison (northeast corner).

Locals using the shops at McLean and Madison

The bike lanes were supposed to be bad for business. From what I saw today, motorists are using the protected parking spaces in front of stores. I am not saying “I told you so”. I am saying “support your local stores and restaurants along Madison Ave”. But… store owners, please get it together. Give us a reason to shop or go to your restaurant. Create weekly or monthly events that will draw people to Madison Ave. Start a Wednesday Special (or any other day of the week) with discounts to get Midtown residents into your place of business. Give me a reason to go to Madison Ave. to spend my money instead of downtown or Cooper Young or Broad Ave.

Doug over at www.bikinginmemphis.com has a great post about economics and bike lanes. Read it. Always good stuff at Biking in Memphis.

I didn’t see Janis Fullilove out riding her bike along Madison today though. My offer still stands. You can ride on Madison with me Janis. I even have a bike for you. Sorry, I don’t have a stripper pole though. Bring your own. Just sayin’.

I did stop by a bike shop to look at thermal tights for the cold weather. $85 WITHOUT tax was too much for my wallet. I will look online for the cold weather gear. I did receive my balaclava today in the mail.

I'm going to be WARM when the temperature drops!

As soon as I tried the balaclava on, I instantly felt warmer. I can’t wait to try it out on a cold day.

I still need to play some Skyrim today with the PS3. And I still need to do more reading about Mr. Evel Knievel. There is not enough time in the day. Get outside Midtown, maybe a patio will do and enjoy this great weather. See you here tomorrow for more bikes, Greenline and coffee. Cheers.