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Finally Friday Midtown.

The day began at Republic Coffee with a quick look at the news. After saying goodbye to my wife, I hit the streets running. My ride to work this morning along the Greenline was much better today. I had my pace back. I was only off a few minutes from my regular pace.

Work, work, work, and then I was done for the day.

The ride home was uneventful as well. Well except for the JERK who honked at me at the corner of Walnut Grove Road and Farm Road. I guess he thought motorists should not wait for cyclists to cross the street. Sorry I made you wait 10 seconds. I will try to ride across the street faster next time.

After arriving home, I showered and changed and went to the Memphis College of Art. The event was crowded as usual.

Can the place be more crowded?

I really enjoyed all of the many works of art. Some were great, some good and some were interesting. I wanted to buy a small green painting and my wife asked why I wanted to buy a painting of a penis. I said the painting was a face. She said penis. Well that kinda ruined my impression of the painting. So no green artwork to hang on the wall. We did see one artwork we both thought was “hypnotizing”.

"Look deep into my eye... you are getting sleepy..."

And after shelling out $25 the painting was ours. The event will be held tomorrow and the event is FREE at the Memphis College of Art. I may go back tomorrow to see if they mark down the prices on paintings and scoop up some more art. Go!

When I arrived for the event, I noticed that the lights were on at the Shell. This was a great chance to take a good black and white photo.

The Shell in black and white

I mentioned I wanted to ride my bike along the Madison bike lanes tomorrow. A friend said she had a funny story to tell. Apparently her friend was driving along Madison and was pulled over by M.P.D. She asked the reason for the traffic stop. The officer told her she was driving in the “bike lane”. Ooops. What did she say out loud? “Damn Ty and his bike lanes”. Hey, not my fault. She did not receive a ticket though. Why? She works for M.P.D. Yeah…. those are bike lanes…. not S.U.V. lanes….

And that Evel Knievel book I am currently reading? Great book! I am amazed at all the crazy things he did. Want to know something? It was not his idea to jump the Grand Canyon OR the fountains at Caesars Palace. Others came up with those idea’s first. Knievel just took those idea’s and made them a reality. AND he was a fantastic insurance salesman for a time. Read the book by Leigh Montville. The book will be available from the Memphis Public Library… when I finish it!

Plans for Saturday? Bike ride on Madison, finding some REAL cold weather gear at a bike shop, Skyrim, and maybe another visit to the Memphis College of Art. See you back here tomorrow for more love. Cheers.