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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Have a drink on me!

Are you cold? I know I was cold this morning. I woke up early and did not want to get out of my warm bed. I left home late and made my way to the coffee shop. I sat and read the news, drank my coffee and talked video games with the staff. “I can shoot fire from my hand!” They were not impressed.

After the coffee was finished, I headed outside to the Greenline. So what if the temperature was 40 degrees outside. 3 pants, 2 pair of socks, 2 shirts, 2 jackets and 1 skull helmet. I have to say this was a terrible ride. It was not the cold temperature that made the ride bad. I just couldn’t get into a rhythm at all. At each intersection along the Greenline I would start fast, then slow down, start fast, then slow down. Over and over. By the time I arrived at work I was 8 minutes off my pace. Oh yeah, motorist on Mullins at the top of Shelby Farms. I stopped at the intersection and waited for YOU to stop at the STOP SIGN. You were busy talking on your cell phone. When you finally did stop at the last-minute, I waved to you. You were shocked that you were not paying attention and could have hit a cyclist in the intersection because your cell phone call was so important. Just sayin’.

Riding home was a better trip. My rhythm was better but I was still 8 minutes off my pace (although this was probably due to the dark. My second headlight stopped working as well.) I really need to purchase some cold weather clothing. I did buy a balaclava today from amazon.com. At least my face will be warm. For some reason my feet were FROZEN during the ride home. I’m not sure what was going on. I also wore my scarf that I picked up in London in 2000. The scarf kept the cold out of my jacket. As I was near the intersection of Highland and the Greenline, I pushed the button to cross the street. The light turned red for motorists and I watched a car slam on its brakes, screeching to a halt. I moved out into the intersection, slowing waving my hand to the motorist who discovered that RED means STOP. “Hey. Everyone else stopped at the red light except you. That red light means stop. Just sayin'”.

Big news about MATA in the latest edition of the Memphis Flyer. You will soon be able to find out where your bus is with the click of a mouse. GPS tracking will soon be available for MATA. And if you have a dumb phone (ME!) you can text your bus stop number and you will receive a message with the arrival time for the next three buses. What year is this again? West coast cities have been able to do this same thing for YEARS. At least MATA is getting better. I would ride the bus or bike to work and take the bus home if I knew when the bus would arrive. I do not want to just WAIT for the bus. If I knew the bus was minutes away, I would wait for the bus. I do believe I will ride the bus more often when the GPS kicks in and I can place my bike on the front of the bus. Read the article in the Memphis Flyer.

I saw the new ad for Slider Inn (page 45) of the Memphis Flyer. I enjoyed the previous ads such as “We have the biggest DECK in Midtown”. Todays ad? “We’ve fired all our bad servers and chefs”. Ummm…. you had bad staff and you fired them? THAT is your ad? You want to advertise this information? Maybe it is me, but I don’t get this ad. Nothing against the bar, I’ve been there and I believe the place is okay. But I am not getting this ad. At all.

In other news, CNN.COM has an article “Decoding Western Arts Buried Messages”. If you enjoy mysteries, this is an interesting article. Dan Brown does not make an appearance, but Mr. Da Vinci does, as well as Michelangelo. Read the article here.

More Skyrim tonight for an hour or so. Last night I did well, but STILL haven’t finished the level. I think I will be playing this game for at least a year.

Remember, Arts Bazaar is tomorrow night at the Memphis College of Art; 6:00 -9:00 p.m. and the event is FREE. We attended last year and stayed a LONG TIME. GO!