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And just when you thought everything was back to normal…. it is Wednesday.

Coffee Town was busy this morning. I was standing four deep in line to get my coffee. Where do you people come from? I can’t complain though. I sat and read the news, WAITING FOR THE RAIN… THAT DIDN’T COME. Weatherman, you are TERRIBLE at predicting rain. I guess I better plan to bundle up tomorrow. No rain predicted tomorrow but plenty of cold is on the way.

Speaking of riding to work, I found a good article today from www.lifehacker.com. “Prepare you bicycle and your body for winter riding”. Good stuff here about clothing to wear in the winter and how to adjust your bike for colder weather. Read the article here from lifehacker.com. And another thing… I am debating about waiting for “black friday” to purchase cold weather clothing. I COULD go and buy cold weather clothing this weekend OR I could wait a week and get some sort of discount. I think I will wait. I believe I can get by for one week. Come on Christmas specials!

Books? I am still reading “Evel: The High Flying Life of Evel Knievel” by Leigh Montville. This is a good book. Yes there is some fluff, but I am amazed at some of the things Knievel did. Did you know Evel started a semi-pro hockey team? At this point in the book, I am convinced there was nothing Knievel could not do. The book is a good read. And it is a FREE edition from the Memphis Library. Thanks Memphis Library!

Next book? I paid for this next book used. All the way from the United Kingdom. “Empire of Gold” by Andy McDermott. I have read his other books and really enjoyed all of his other work. I read up on the author and discovered that he wrote nine other books BEFORE he was published. He gave himself a year or two to get published, and if in that time he wasn’t published, he would give up as a writer. Right when his time was up, his first book was published. Good for him. This book will have to wait until I finish with Mr. Knievel.

The Green Beetle downtown has a daily deal today from www.groupon.com. Pay $6 for $12 for food at the Green Beetle. I’ve been to the Beetle and I have to say the food is good. If you haven’t been by the Beetle, try the place out.

Oh, and I played Skyrim last night for 1 1/2 hours. I THOUGHT I was finished with one level of the game, until I discovered I forgot an entire part of the game. Doh! I had to go back and was killed OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. At least I can shoot fire from my hands now. You would imagine shooting fire from your hands would be something good to use against evil. But apparently this evil is soooo evil, fire from my hands doesn’t do much. Oh well. More attempts at killing the beast will occur tonight. If you scratching your head about this Skyrim stuff, go here to learn more about the game.

Have a great rest of the week and I will see you back here tomorrow for more books, bikes, coupons, and Skyrim. Cheers!