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Two for Tuesday Midtown. At least it really is raining today. And more rain is scheduled for Wednesday. I will have to wait to commute to work on a very cold Thursday and Friday morning.

This morning found me at Republic Coffee having my usual iced coffee. So a guy walks in and announces to the barista that he has just arrived from New Orleans. Let me put it this way; EVERY TIME HE GOES TO NEW ORLEANS HE ANNOUNCES IT TO EVERYONE. Really. He lets strangers know. The last time he went to New Orleans he told 50 people I swear. Great. Glad you went. I heard you the first 10 times you announced your trip. It is as if he is building up an alibi. Weird. I should have asked him for some take out from Cafe Du Monde. (see that picture at the top of the blog of the old time cash register? THAT is from New Orleans, the Pharmacy Museum I believe).

I read the news this morning. I am always going on and on about ebooks and the library. (I think my count as of today is three or four ebooks from the Memphis Library). Usa Today featured an article about ebooks and libraries. Lending rates for library ebooks are heading up. What did I say? Your telling me I can checkout a library ebook, without going to the library, keep the ebook to read for three weeks, and it is free? Free right? Sign me up! I was going to buy the ebook, but I will just check the book out instead. I did find it interesting that the publishers are charging the libraries a much higher price for each ebook. To bad we can’t GIVE the library our ebooks that we purchased and are done with. Read the article here from www.usatoday.com. And get a library card! And check out ebooks from your local library!

Next up? “Woman steals bike back!” Good for her! After her bike was stolen, she started looking around on Craigslist. Sure enough, HER VERY OWN BIKE WAS UP FOR SALE. She calls the guy selling the bike. She heads to his apartment. She asks to take a “test drive” on HER VERY OWN BIKE. And she just keeps pedaling away. See ya stupid! She then reported the thief to the police. Good going! I enjoyed the Pee-Wee Herman footage. (“The Soviets were involved!”). Lance Armstrongs’ bike stolen? Sacrilege! (If you are having trouble viewing the video from the CNN website, you can click on “view video un-HD” or something like that, upper left section of the screen). Check out the report from CNN.com.

Speaking of bikes, I was driving to work today and just happened to look down a side street. A garbage truck was pulling away from the curb… with a bicycle strapped to the front of the truck. Ummm… I am sure most garbage trucks do not come equipped with a bicycle. No I was not seeing things. This was not a bus. It was a garbage truck with a bike attached. I wonder if the guys found the bike in the trash and decided to keep it. Weird.

Need something to watch on television tonight? PBS is featuring a show about Nazi War Criminals. “Elusive Justice – The Search for Nazi War Criminals”. The show starts at 8:00 p.m. tonight and is repeated for the next few days. Worth checking out. Those who forget the past…

What will I do for a few hours tonight? Skyrim PS3! Loving the game. I have to finish one level off, then begin a new one.

Have a great “hump day” tomorrow, and I will see you here again for more Nazi’s, Soviets, and bikes. Thanks for reading.