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Hey Midtown. Are you loving the weekend?

The game plan today? Skyrim and Playstation 3. I started out at Gamestop on Union as soon as the store opened. $330 later and I had a new game and new Playstation 3. Instead of heading home to play the new game, I headed to Republic Coffee for a drink to start the day. All was fine at the coffee shop. After reading the paper I headed home to start my new game.

So I plug in the new Playstation 3, load up the Skyrim game and… nothing. I try again. And… nothing. What the hell? TWO HOURS LATER AND THE GAME WILL NOT PLAY. Are you kidding me? Take the Playstation 3 BACK to Gamestop. Even the staff at the store could not get the game system to work. One refund later and I was out the door, looking for a PS3. I ended up at the Gamestop on Park. A few minutes later and I had my second PS3 today. I ran home, loaded Skyrim into the PS3 and… IT WORKED!

So what do I think of the game Skyrim? Great game! I pretty much suck at game play, but I am getting better. There is so much to do in this game. I love it.

I had to stop my game play short for an interview I had arranged with a University of Memphis student. Ben asked me for an interview about Madison bike lanes. I met Ben at Republic Coffee and we headed to the back room (Thanks RC!) for the interview. Ben made the interview very easy. I gave him my thoughts on the bike lanes and what actions I took to voice my opinion for the bike lanes. I hope the interview works well for the project. Ben said he would update me with the finished product when it is complete. Cool.

I returned home for dinner and some PS3 game play. Bike to work tomorrow? Doubtful if it rains. Have a great week and I will see you here tomorrow for more PS3, coffee and beer. Cheers.