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Saturday Midtown. I was just riding my bike down Madison Avenue in the bike lane and… wait…. what? MADISON BIKE LANES ARE HERE PEOPLE! And I have only two words to say; AWE-SOME!

Madison Bike Lanes are now open!

As I rode up and down Madison in the bike lanes I kept saying out loud over and over “I’m so happy, I’m so happy, I’m so happy!” The difference with the bike lanes is night and day. I can ride down the street, and feel SAFE, knowing that cars have their own lane to travel in. Make sure you are watching for motorists who haven’t figured out the bike lanes yet. I made my way to the corner of Cooper and Madison. There was anarchy in the streets. Buildings were burning, riots in the streets, cars overturned. Oh wait, that isn’t what happened because of the bike lanes. Umm… motorists went about their business. Cyclists were out riding up and down the street. That’s all there was to it. The bike lanes were NOT the end of the world. I watched as cyclists stopped and took out their camera’s to take pictures of the bike lanes (myself included). I did find it funny that as soon as I began my bike ride on Madison I noticed a small car travelling in the bike lane down the street. Yeah…. excuse me sir, that is a “bike lane” and not a “small car lane”, just sayin’. Other than that, all went well. I talked to a guy riding in my direction for a while about the bike lanes and your friend and mine Janis Fullilove. I didn’t see her on her bicycle today. Hey Janis, my offer still stands. Take a ride with me. I can provide a bike if you need one. Sorry, I don’t have any stripper poles though. Bring your own. (hey, you reap what you sow).

I finished my ride at Yolo. The strawberry banana flavor is the bomb. A couple of things to note. There were MANY bikes parked outside of local businesses. Molly’s; you’re gonna need a bigger bike rack. Just sayin’. (The Flyer posted an ad in the latest edition; Molly’s is getting a bike rack).

"We're gonna need a bigger bike rack"

Bikes were also parked outside of Hueys, and Fuel Cafe.

Oh look, cyclists spending money on Madison.

When the weather warms up in a few months, I predict Madison is going to be FILLED with cyclists. “Let’s take the bikes to (fill in your own favorite restaurant) Yolo / Molly’s / Hueys / The Movie Theater / Fuel Cafe / Memphis Pizza Cafe / BBQ Shop / Bosco’s”. It is just that easy. (I would have posted more pictures, but I took the camera WITHOUT the memory card. Doh!)

And another thing. I kid and poke fun, but PLEASE spend your money on Madison Avenue when you ride in those bike lanes. I spent money today at Yolo. I will stop by other businesses in the future and I will spend money. Ride your bike down Madison, lock up your bike, and visit Molly’s, Bosco’s, Hueys as well as the other places. Support your local business.

Wait. What did you do for breakfast? Oh yeah. I stopped in at Republic Coffee for a small breakfast. I ordered the Chi-chi. (The staff pronounce it “shay-shay” while I pronounce it “chee-chee”). A sandwich made of love. Great way to start my weekend. The game plan for today? More writing, maybe a movie.

I am still trying to figure out if I can get Elders Scrolls V. The game looks amazing. The problem is I don’t know if I can run the game on my laptop or not. (The laptop is three years old). Or I can buy a used PS3. Decisions, decisions.

Y’all get out and check out the new bike lanes on Madison. Your gonna love it! Cheers!