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Finally Friday Midtown! And it is National Metal Day. Rock on.

And where else should I celebrate National Metal Day? Republic Coffee. So I walk into RC to find….98.9 Radio set up with a live broadcast. RC gave away free cups of coffee to veterans and active duty military. Good for you RC. My wife stopped by to meet me for a cup of coffee. The 98.9 Radio cast piped in over the p.a. system annoyed me. I was attempting to read the news. Sorry, 98.9 was not my thing this morning.

I then started my ride to work. Just when you think all is well, something happens. I was waiting at the Highland intersection for the light to turn green at the cross walk when a truck stopped at the cross walk. Fine. Then I watched as another truck came up on the intersection, travelling to fast. He slammed on his brakes and had to switch lanes to avoid hitting other vehicles. He finally came to a stop at the cross walk. Thanks for stopping, I think.

I arrived at work 5 minutes off my pace. No worries. Oh, and the buffalo were out at Shelby Farms.

Work was very busy all day. Then it was 5:00 p.m. Time for the weekend to start. I rode home without any issues. My ride home was 9 minutes off my pace. I arrived home exhausted. I guess the week took a toll on me.

I am not big into video games, but the new game Elder Scrolls V is looking excellent. This is one game I may have to buy. Some are saying this is the game of the year.

There is an exhibit at the Brooks Museum next week. More information about this event later in the week. We attended the event last year and I have to say there was good stuff on exhibit.

I didn’t work on my new project today, but I did come up with a good idea. I will probably do some writing tomorrow.

Have a great weekend. Get out and live loud Midtown.