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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Drink time. It is 8:15 p.m. and I am beat.

Did I ride my bike to work today? Yes I did. Three pants, two shirts, two pair of socks, 2 coats and one pair of gloves. I was toasty. Cold? What cold? Cool.

My ride this morning was only two minutes off my usual time. I am not sure why but when I come to my last two miles I feel like speeding up. Strange but it works for me.

Work was busy, then I made my way home. I thought the temperature would warm up in the evening, but it didn’t. The temperature was still cold. I was bundled up and the ride home went fine. My ride took an additional five minutes to get home, but that is okay. Better safe than sorry.

Check out www.bikinginmemphis.com. Doug has a great interview with a local cyclist. Always food stuff from Doug.

Snookie has a holiday special or something on t.v. This must be something like the “Star Wars Christmas Special”. From what I have read, the Star Wars Christmas Special was a spectacular bomb. Back to Snookie or whatever her name is. I only have one word. TORTURE!

For you metal heads out there, tomorrow night the event “Maximus Elevenus” will be held downtown. $50 for couples or $30 for single tickets. A bit pricey for me to watch Spinal Tap (one of the BEST movies EVER). The funds go to charity. I do like the drink specials though; “Spontaneous Human Combustion” or try “The Stonehenge”. Guitar Hero battles, Rock Star photo shoot and mucho fun stuff. National Metal Day; 11/11/11. More info. is available here.

Speaking of some hard rock, I received Guns and Roses “Live Era ’87-93” today. Yes the double live album is already uploaded to the Ipod for tomorrows bike ride. Don’t worry, I took out all of the lousy songs.

I have learned that the skateboard park near Hollywood has finally opened. I need to ride by and take pictures. Cool.

Yes, it is time for bed. I will watch a bit of “The Decline of Western Civilization Part Two: The Metal Years”. Have a great weekend Midtown. See you here tomorrow for more bikes, Greenline, coffee, and HEAVY METAL. Cheers!