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Hump day Midtown! Get ready for the weekend people. It is almost here.

Sooo…. My wife is switching channels and “Survivor Island” or whatever the name of the show is called is playing on the television. People watch this “hit” show? This is the DUMBEST show ever. Does the i.q. level for contestants on the show go above 40? From what they are talking about, I would say no. Reason number 238 NOT to watch the idiot box. (Am I sounding like my father now?).

A bit cold this morning, but I rode to work today on the bike. Long sleeve shirt? Check. T-shirt? Check. Wind breaker jacket? Check. Skull helmet? Check. Away I ride. I did see my opposite self riding East to West this morning at an intersection. This guy never looks up while riding. Always keeps his head down. He commutes daily like me, we just go in opposite directions. Today he waved at me while we passed each other at the intersection. After more than five months of commuting to work, maybe he has decided that I am not just an amateur anymore. The trip was fine, except for the wind picking up at Shelby Farms. As soon as I hit the bottom of Shelby Farms I felt like turning on some speed. With the wind to my back, my ride felt great. Pulling up to work, I noticed a large amount of cars in the parking lot. Locking up my bike I found myself staring at a line of women here for some sort of convention. Now, in my mind I am thinking “Yeah baby. Look at the man. The athlete. I just rode my bike 11.2 miles in the cold, on my bike, baby. Look at the sweaty man!” Now, here is the look I got back from these same women. “Who invited the Hells Angel to our convention? Doesn’t he own a car? He is sweaty. Gross.” Yeah, I was wearing black sweat pants, black jacket, black shoes and my skull helmet. No worries. I have long since stopped caring about what others think.

I found out that my work place is moving in the next few months. Good for me. My ride will decrease by 2 miles each day and take 10 minutes off my daily commute. Better yet, if the Greenline is extended, it looks to go right by the new work place. Awesome.

My ride home turned out good. While riding in Shelby Farms I saw four deer grazing near the trail. How many people see that on the way home from work? I would have taken a picture, but my camera was in the bottom of my back pack. And… my second headlight worked like a charm. I went from seeing one half of the trail to seeing the entire trail from side to side. As soon as I turned the second light on I remembered that in 1999-2000, when I commuted to work by bike, I mounted two lights to my handle bars (I would begin my ride at 6:00 a.m. along a dark street.) Strange how memories work. Total number of cyclists riding along the Greenline this evening? Six.

And… I may have to rethink the all black clothes thing. I’m not a member of Metallica. (Metallica, if you are reading this post, I can work wonders in your ticketing department). I ride my bike at night. I keep thinking I will hear someone yell at me, “Hey jerk. Wear a white jacket!” At least one of those reflective vests or something. Just another thing to check into.

I received a new library book for my Kindle. The biography of Evel Knievel. Should be a good read. And it was FREE. Thanks Memphis Library.

I put in more time writing today. I have a feeling the work is about 5/8 finished. At least the meat and bones are done. I need to go back over the work and add details. But I do like the way the project is progressing. What surprises me the most is how I lose track of time as I write.

Tomorrows morning temperature? About 40 degrees. Now here is where I ask YOU the reader DO I RIDE? What do you think? Do it? To cold? You tell me.

Alright. I am in need of a drink and my soft bed. Have a great Thursday and come back for more love.