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Two for Tuesday Midtown. No time for small talk, let’s get started.

I made my way to Coffee Town for my breakfast coffee. The weather was EXCELLENT this morning. Yup, I had my Memphis Greenline t-shirt on and skull shorts. My new Guns and Roses music was playing on the Ipod. What more do you want? Oh, pictures of my daily commute along the Greenline. Here they are:

The start of my commute.

Beautiful morning for a ride.

I Love Memphis Greenline Mural.

Heading into Shelby Farms.

And the Greenline goes by... the county jail. Good thing for that tall fence.

I made it to mile marker 0.0. Only about 4 more miles to go.

Getting ready to eat those hills for breakfast. Except the wind made my ride slower.

Shelby Farms lake.

At the top of the hill at Shelby Farms.

As I finished my ride, I rode past a sea of cotton along the road.

So that was my ride today. The ride home was interesting. In the near dark, I stopped to cross the street and met another cyclist going the same way. We chatted for a bit, then made our way up to Shelby Farms. I had my light, so getting home wasn’t a problem. I did notice a few others who were out on the Greenline without any lights. We can’t see you! How can you see anything while jogging or riding in the dark?

The Commercial Appeal announced today that the “Inside Scoop” daily coupon site was no longer offering any deals. I guess the coupon business is more difficult than I imagined.

A new restaurant is coming to Cooper Young. Look for it to open in about three months. Look for Mulan Chinese Bistro coming our way soon. (Corner of Cooper and Young).

Republic Wireless is offering unlimited text, data and calls for $19 a month. The catch? The company wants you to use wifi as much as possible. Pay $200 for the first month, then pay $19 a month there after. I will have to see how this smart phone works out. I currently have a dumb phone. My current phone plan is coming to end, so a change my be coming soon.

I was able to do some writing today for another project. The project is going well. I hope to get it out as soon as possible.

Alright, that is all for today. Come back tomorrow for more coffee, bikes, county jails, and vodka. Cheers.