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Oh yeah. It is Monday Midtown. Did ja survive?

The day began at Republic Coffee. 8:00 a.m. and I was having my coffee and reading the news. And today was the first “bike to work” day in over one week. The weather was fantastic and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt (my Midnight Classic Bike Tour t-shirt by the way). The ride was great. I noticed I became winded at mile 5.5. I could have really opened up the speed on the bike, but thought better of it. Good thing I didn’t. Even the hills I take eat for breakfast every morning at Shelby Farms were giving me trouble. My total trip time to work? 55 minutes. I was only 5 minutes off my usual pace. I’ll take it.

Work, work, work and I was done. Here is where things get VERY interesting. At 5:00 p.m. the sun goes down. And I leave work at 5:00 p.m. This will be an interesting bike ride home. I made my way to the bottom of Shelby Farms and…. the gate was locked. After many colorful words, I made my way in traffic to the main gate. Since the gate was only HALF closed I took that to mean I was allowed in. Further up the trail I made my way to the second gate and found just what I expected; another locked gate. The secret trick? Ten feet to the left of the locked gate the fence was low to the ground. I lifted the bike over the fence and I was off again.

After twenty minutes I was at the beginning of the Greenline. And at 5:30, the sun was REALLY down. It was dark. Good for me, I had a headlight. I prefer to use two lights, but I forgot to take the second light with me. (I will not make that mistake tomorrow). I set off down the Greenline in the dark. The ride was okay. I didn’t feel great riding in the dark, but I didn’t encounter any problems. What I found disturbing were a few other cyclists riding without any lights. Dude, get a light! And runners were running without any lights. My total ride time? 55 minutes. I could have been faster, but I decided to go slower since there was not much light along the trail. I do feel great after my ride. When I arrived home me wife asked “Did you LOVE your ride?” Oh yeahhhhh!

I received a Guns and Roses CD today in the mail; GnR Lies. It is already uploaded to my Ipod. New music always makes for a good ride. And better yet? My wife found my Memphis Greenline t-shirt that I received when I made a donation to the Memphis Greenline charity. I know what shirt I am wearing Tuesday.

Lifehacker had an article today stating how to get thousands of free ebooks. How do you do it? It is called a LIBRARY. Get a library card and download free ebooks from your home! Get your library books here.

Alright, I have more things to write. Have a great Tuesday and come back tomorrow for more bikes, Greenline, and ebooks.