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The weekend is here Midtown! Enjoy the next few days. Me? I had to work half of a day. Easy day at work, so I am not complaining.

After work I did what I do best, I took a nap. My wife wanted to do some shopping so we headed to Old Navy. I walked about a bit, wandered around the store and didn’t get anything. As you can see I am an expert shopper. Or something like that.

We then headed over to Republic Coffee for iced coffee and mint tea. Both drinks were good. If you haven’t tried the mint tea, do so. And RC is selling the pink t-shirts to raise money for charity. The shirts are $25.00.

I am still thinking of my recent vacation to Destin Florida. I do not believe I have shared the following story. So we are having drinks at the Irish bar McGuires. After a while I had to use the restroom. I wondered ’round back and found them. The bar placed signs on the doors; “Men” and “Women”. Not thinking another thought I pushed open the door that was marked “Men”. I first noticed that this bathroom looked a bit “girly”. “Ummm…. something is NOT right here” I thought to myself. I backed out of the restroom and looked at the “Men” sign again. That is when I read the ENTIRE sign. “Men, (and in small letters underneath) this is the women’s restroom”. I then looked at the “Women” sign on the opposite door. “Women, (and in small letters underneath) this is the men’s restroom”. They got me. I am certain I am not the first person who went into the wrong restroom. Especially if you have been drinking a few drinks in an Irish bar.

Yes, I went fishing in Destin. Here is what I caught:

"We're gonna need a bigger boat"

Plans for tomorrow? Nothing. Well maybe some grilling on the patio. We will see. Have a great weekend and I will see you here again tomorrow for more sharks, beer, and coffee. Cheers.