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Finally Friday Midtown. I began the day at Coffee Town with a cup of coffee. I read the news and was surprised to find that business owners on Madison who opposed the bike lanes are now supporting the bike lanes. You can find the article in the Commercial Appeal.

And… I found Destin had a great number of bike lanes along very busy streets. And you know what? No one seemed to mind the bike lanes.

Speaking of Destin Florida, the Irish bar McGuires was awesome. See the picture from the bar below.


I'll have a beer; make that two!

No bike to work today. I will be back on the bike soon though.

I finished my book “Slash” last night. Read the book, it is a good read.

Since wordpress.com is not working well tonight, I am using the WordPress App to do the blog, so todays post is shorter.

Have a great weekend. Get out and do something!