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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Fill your cups to the brim. Sit back, relax and let the good times begin.

The day began at Coffee Town. I was shocked at how loud the cafe seemed to be this morning. Where did all the loud people come from? Weird. I drank my iced coffee and read the news.

So Amazon.com is offering a deal for subscribers to Amazon Prime. $79 for FREE borrowed ebooks. One book a month is the limit. And not all the publishers are jumping on the band wagon, so it is not ALL of the Amazon books that will be offered. And the book has to download to a Kindle. No Kindle, no book. I am THINKING about getting the Amazon Prime account. Six bucks and change a month and I get a new book to read. Since I have made some bigger purchases lately, I may have to wait for this offer. Read more about Amazon Prime from www.amazon.com.

No bike to work today. I still have yet to gather my cold weather gear. I know, your saying out loud, “Do you think you are on vacation?’ Well I was on vacation so, yes, yes I do think I was on vacation. I did find a great website about cold weather cycling; http://www.icebike.org/. Head there for cold weather cycling. I can’t wait to buy a balaclava to wear. Yeah baby. I WILL be the masked bandit of the Greenline, or something like that.

Did you say Rebellion? Check out this book I found at Republic Coffee.

Just screw it!

Now that is REBELLION, with a capital “R”. When I get the artist’s name, I will pass the name along.

Oh yeah, more beach pictures. A view from the condo.

My view from the balcony every day.

Yeah, the beach was right over that sand dune. We walked 5 minutes to the beach every day.

Wait, do you prefer the pool and jacuzzi instead? Here ya go.

Paradise Found. Tough life I had in Destin Florida.

Remember Memphis Indie Film Fest is November 3rd – 6th. Many good movies are featured. Get more information about the event here.

Hey is it already First Thursday in Cooper Young? Holy cow, it appears to be!

The Memphis Library has updated their website with new ebooks. I looked over some of the new titles today and am on a waiting list for another book. There were a couple of books listed that I want to read. And the best part? The books are FREE to read. Get yourself a library card. The card is FREE and easy to use. www.memphislibrary.org.

Speaking of books, I am currently finishing the autobiography of “Slash” and starting a book titled “Lay the Favorite”. “Slash” – LOTS of drugs and alcohol; “Lay” – LOTS of gambling. Good times.

Alright, that is all for today. Come back tomorrow for more coffee, rebellion, ebooks and gambling. Cheers!