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And the vacation ends. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Back to work tomorrow for three days of work. So it goes. While on vacation I kept wondering what retired people did all day (especially those with the multi-million dollar houses on the beach). Watch t.v.? Sleep? Eat jello? I doubt I could sit still if I retired. I guess I would have to get a job after I retired.

The drive home was fine. I am just tired from the road trip.

And…. the bank card I wanted replaced THREE WEEKS AGO has not arrived yet. THREE WEEKS! I could WALK to the processing center, make my new card, and walk back home in three weeks. After my THIRD 30 minute phone call, I was given the excuse that the bank had “mail problems” for the last three weeks. Really? Can’t you take pills for “mail problems”. Time for a letter to corporate tomorrow. I am beyond livid. Every time I call the bank I am told, “just a few more days”. A few more days has been THREE WEEKS! This is the same bank that told me that I was lucky when I went to make a withdraw. The bank only had $400 cash on hand. Is this REALLY a bank? Really?

I want to leave you with the best sunset ever. Check it out.