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Destin Day Three. Last night we took a cab to an Irish bar & restaurant called McGuires. Great steaks are found here as well as drink specials. And they serve their very own beer. I enjoyed the drink specials and a beer.

This morning we stopped in at the Donut Hole. The place was crowded to capacity. After having a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns, & toast, I ordered some donuts to go.

I returned to the condo while my wife went shopping. I enjoyed reading a book in my free time.

When she returned from her shopping trip, we headed to the beach. And just when I was about to step into the water; Jelly fish! A lot of jelly fish. I guess I am staying out of the water. We settled into the beach for a while. Later we headed to the pool. The water was warm and we enjoyed the afternoon at the pool.

And what do I do best on vacation? A nap! A good two hour nap and I am ready for dinner.

See you back here tomorrow for more steak, beaches and bars. Cheers!