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Destin Florida, day two. I must be on vacation, I slept until 11:00 a.m. But there is a reason for that. Sand, surf, vodka, Fireball Whiskey. Enough said. Getting motivated to do ANYTHING this morning was tough. After a big breakfast featuring eggs and grits we were off.

We began the day at Books A Million bookstore. I had an interesting conversation with a teen employee about books, ebooks, ect. We talked at length about the book industry. Then we sat in the cafe and had coffee. The person serving coffee was slow. Everything she did seemed to take FOREVER. “It’s not ready yet.” “It will take a few minutes.” You’re killing me here.

I did see a few books I wanted, but I can wait for a special or the library. Here are a few books I found:

Iron man – Tony Ionmi

It’s so easy – Duff Mckagan

Ghost in the Wires – Kevin Mitnick

After spending $20 for books, we headed to Bass Pro. I was looking for some cold weather gear. I didn’t find anything.

We then went to the outlet stores looking for cold weather gear. We must be in the wrong state since we didn’t find anything there either.

Cheese Burger In Paradise was next. I had a burger and the wife had a margarita. Not great but not bad.

Who is ready for the pool and jacuzzi? I am! I swam for a while then moved into the jacuzzi. The afternoon was relaxing. Even as I type this, I am looking out the patio window at the ocean and boats. The view is cool and relaxing.

Come back tomorrow for more drinks, books, sand and surf. Until then cheers.