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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Drink up. The weekend is almost upon us.

There are many things happening so let’s get it started.

I read the new Memphis Flyer today. I noticed an ad for an AC/DC cover band calling themselves Hells/Bells. Interesting. If I were in town I would attend the show on Oct. 29th in Handy Park downtown. The show starts at 8:00 p.m. and is free. “Ya got me ringing hells bells…”

Do you want to help YOUR community? Go by Republic Coffee and pick up a limited team t-shirt. The cost is $25 but it goes to a great cause. Read more about the t-shirt from the RC Facebook page:

“So we have really left the world alone about The Race for the Cure. We haven’t forced you to have pink coffee cups, blinded you with pink curtains or napkins. BUT we really do take this seriously. So starting Friday and running through Sunday, we are asking you, the more than 4000 customers of RCm to come and buy a limited team tee-shirt. $25 a shirt,  and the proceeds goes to the “One Cup at a Time” Official Race Team’s goal of $1000. The Williams Family are regular customers of RCm, and count their Matriarch as a Survivor.”

I love RC for supporting great fund-raising events in our neighborhood. Hey other businesses, take note. Your company looks GREAT when it gives back to the neighborhood. Good going RC! I’m buying my t-shirt, go buy one yourself.

Dinner tonight? Memphis Pizza Cafe. The wife is working late, so I picked up a nice dinner for two. I have to say, MPC is always good, especially on a cold and rainy day.

I’ve heard a rumor that MTV is shooting video at a Cooper Young neighborhood bar tonight. I guess they are doing a follow-up to the casting call they had in Memphis a few days ago. Or maybe the shoot is something totally different.

Remember the Memphis Library Book Sale is Friday and Saturday. Go get your cheap used books. Read more about the book sale here.

Are you ready for another TRUE Halloween story? Here it is. Many years ago I worked near the Alamo in Texas. Every day a tourist would ask me for directions to the Alamo. Most of the time I would give directions, and at other times I would tell them to make sure they checked out the basement of the Alamo. Once a week, the work staff and I would eat lunch at an Italian chain restaurant located along the river. This restaurant was just steps from the Alamo. You could throw a bread stick and hit the walls of the Alamo from the dining room chair (well almost. Depends on how good your pitching arm is). We would eat here because we could get unlimited refills on salad and soup. Good for me. I’ll have about six salad refills please. And I did, often. We always left full. I would ask my co-workers to load me in a wheelchair and roll me back to work. The day I am writing about was no different. Sit down, eat, eat some more, ask for more bread sticks, and more soup. Nothing really varied in the process this day. So I am sitting at the table with my friends, enjoying lunch, and I see something. Mind you this is a crowded restaurant. The place is packed with people. But I saw something out of the corner of my eye. If you have been to a mexican restaurant, you will usually see a fajita plate brought out from the kitchen with sizzling meat on the plate. The smoke and steam rise off the plate forming a good size mist above the plate. Now I see this “mist” for a quick second and think to myself, “Why is steam coming off of someone’s plate?” Something is not right here. This is an ITALIAN restaurant, not a mexican food restaurant. The mist appeared to begin at waist level and rose about three feet into the air. And the mist appeared in an aisle, not over a table. I looked around for the waiter who brought out this steaming plate, but could see no waiter. I looked around the tables, attempting to find the plate in question, creating the smoke or steam. I could see nothing. This incident was making no sense. This mist really bothered me. I do not just “see things” or “imagine things”. Even after we left the restaurant I was still bothered by the hazy form I witnessed. I asked my companions if they saw anything “weird” while we were having lunch. No one had witnessed anything out of the ordinary. I just couldn’t write the incident off as something of mistaken identity.

A year later I was watching the local news at night. The story? Employee’s working very near the restaurant I frequented were telling tales of mysterious things they had heard, saw and experienced. The employee’s were experiencing weird happenings they could not explain. How does this relate to the Alamo? The news story went on to state that some of the Texas defenders bodies were thrown into the river very near the restaurant rather than a formal burial. Are the ghosts of the Alamo haunting local restaurants in downtown San Antonio? I don’t know for sure, but the form I saw that one day while eating lunch has stayed with me to this day.

Are you scared? If you like that story, wait until the last story I have to tell. That story will creep you out.

Have a great weekend and I will see you back here tomorrow for more AC/DC, coffee and Halloween events.