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Hump day Midtown. We’re working our way to the weekend quickly, and I can’t wait.

Why am I jazzed about the weekend? VACATION! I haven’t had a vacation since December. I couldn’t believe it has been that long. I need to take some time off.

So I started the day at Coffee Town, having a cup of coffee and reading the news. I found a few interesting things. First off is 41 pounds. STOP receiving junk mail. Stop it. STOP. I have been waging a war with the local mail man about unwanted mail. I even sent a letter to the local post master threatening to send a letter to the U.S. Postmaster to stop getting junk mail from someone who doesn’t even live at our address. Yes, not only do we get OUR junk mail, we get another persons junk mail. That makes for A LOT of junk mail. So what is 41 Pounds? This company takes your name off mailing lists. Even if a company sends you a catalog, you can send 41 Pounds a note to stop the catalog from sending you junk in the future. The cost? $41 for 5 years. $8 a year? I have already signed up.

Next? Nextdoor.com. Nextdoor is a social network for your neighborhood. You can post events, find a good mechanic, or a babysitter right down the street from where you live. This sounds interesting. I have already signed up. Time to meet the neighbors!

Do you have a book you wish was an ebook? Now you can turn that book into a PDF with 1dollarscan. Just mail your book to 1dollarscan. You pay $1 for every 100 pages of the book. The company then converts the book to a PDF you can download. (The book is shredded, so you do not get the book back). This sounds good. I have a few books that would be great as an ebook. I find that ebooks are easier to carry with me on my Ipod. I may be using 1dollarscan soon.

After I finished my coffee I headed to the Greenline WEARING SHORTS AND A T-SHIRT. The weather is GREAT! This morning I had a good pace. The ride felt awesome.

Riding home I was loving the weather. My only issue coming home were a few cyclists that were riding slower than I was. Usually I just pass them, but today I took my time and let them stay ahead of me. No worries.

And… the park employee’s have taken care of the graffiti along the Greenline.

They have two more sections to paint over and the gang signs will be gone. I still do not understand why the kids want to paint on the pavement of a running / cycling track. Uhhh…. I’m not joining your gang. Really. Well unless you ride bicycles to work. Then I would have to think about filling out a gang admittance form. “Bicycle?” Check. “Rebellious?” Check. “Loud Music?” Check. Maybe I COULD join.

Speaking of rebellion, there is a GREAT art piece at the coffee shop. I will have to take a picture soon.

Remember the library book sale takes place this Friday and Saturday. Get your cheap used books this weekend.

Alright, I am done. Time for a drink, then bed. Have a great day and come back tomorrow for more art, bikes, beers, and junk mail. Cheers.