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Hello, my name is Manni. Well that is what my crazy neighbor thinks my name is. I arrived home this evening and she shouted out “Hey Manni!” “Hi….” (errr… I think). “Your not Manni” she said.  “No I am not” I replied. “Well I don’t want to talk to you if you’re not Manni”. Alrighty then. And that is how my day ended.

The day began at Coffee Town. I read the paper and drank my coffee. Not much happening in the news today. I then made my way to the Greenline. I was prepared today with a second small bag on my back. The day would be another cold morning and warm afternoon. That meant more clothes to carry. After one mile I had to reconfigure my bags on my back. Finally my gear was all in place. I had a good ride, but I was going to fast for the ride. By the end of the ride I was beat. Must go slower, must go slower.

Work, work, work, then I had my ride home. It was nice to bike in shorts and a t-shirt. The weather was excellent. The ride home was much more enjoyable since I had a good pace.

I found this art along the Greenline near the east side of the Waring intersection.

This has been painted on the pavement for a few weeks. I have been attempting to take a picture but for one reason or another I was only able to take the picture today. I wonder if the Greenline folks will let it stay. Or will it be covered up like graffiti?

The Memphis Library on Poplar will hold a book sale Friday and Saturday. Go! Great deals are to be found at this event. Try to attend early if you can. Shoppers use LARGE BOXES when shopping for these used books.

Read 'em if you got 'em.

Alright. I am tired. Have a great day and I will be here again tomorrow with more bikes, books, and art. Cheers!