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Manic Monday Midtown. Did you survive?

Let the fog roll in Memphis. The Greenline was obscured by white mist this morning. I should have taken a picture. And here is the problem. Where do you put a camera while riding a bike without a belt? I may have to wear a belt just to hold the camera. It would look stupid as hell, but I will get into that later. I did see a suicidal squirrel who attempted to end it all under my tires. I guess he had second thoughts and barely escaped the clutches of death. Bad squirrel.

Things are changing at work. Good stuff is on the horizon. More about that in the later weeks.

The temperature changed a great deal for the ride home. With temperatures in the upper 70’s the ride home felt fantastic. I had a t-shirt on and bike shorts. I felt naked. I usually ride with my skull shorts OVER my bike shorts. Since it was chilly this morning, I stashed my pants into my small pack slung on my back. I’m wild and free Midtown! My jacket? I threw that around my handle bars. So I am making good time, riding along, when a girl pulls her bike up next to me as I ride. She looks over at my bike and gear. She is a total pro. Pro bike, pro gear, she has it all. Then she pulls ahead of me. I know exactly what she was thinking. “What the HELL is that guy wearing, riding and doing?” Yes, I will update my cold weather gear this week. She was lucky I wasn’t wearing my skull helmet today. Or my skull rings. I did have my Ipod on shuffle, playing some ‘Tallica on 11. (My Ipod goes to 11). I made good time, probably 50 minutes each way today. A good day to be out riding.

AND, today marks 5 months of commuting by bike. Best thing ever. You should do it. Some stats from my bike commute from the last 5 months. Number of flat tires? Two. Number of times caught in the rain? Twice. Number of accidents. One. I t-boned that dude along the Greenline when he did a u-turn without looking. Pounds I lost? At least 15 pounds. Things I have learned? Plan ahead. Check the weather daily. Dress accordingly. Leave early just in case you have to change a tire. Take a spare tire and tools! Know how to change a tire! Have a light and a small flashlight. You can do it.

Current book I am reading? “Slash” by Slash.

Dinner tonight? Pho Saigon. Good as always. Sorry, no camera, no pictures.

Alright, I’m done. Have a great day tomorrow. I will find you at Coffee Town in the morning. Get out and rock Detroit… I mean Memphis. Cheers.