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What a weekend Midtown. Did you enjoy the last few days? I know I did.

We started the day at the River Arts Fest downtown. Last year the festival was empty due to rain. We arrived to the festival early this year. I have to say there was some good art on display. Since we spent so much money at the Pink Palace Craft Fair, we didn’t buy anything at this festival. We did have a good time walking up and down both sides of the street checking out the art.

We then had lunch in Midtown at a mexican restaurant. My wife then went for a massage and I stopped in for a quick coffee at Starbucks.

Home, and then time for a nap.

Later in the day, my wife suggested going to Yolo for dessert. Fine by me. Yolo has added their own bakery. Yolo also added a small freezer for you to take home a bit of gelato. Cool. I purchased raspberry and strawberry gelato. Awesome. Thanks Yolo!

Laundry is done and my backpack is good to go for my ride tomorrow morning. Back in the saddle.

I am near finished with the book Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton. The book was good. And since the book is a library ebook, it was free. Do yourself a favor and get a library card. Then download some great books for free! My next book to read? The autobiography of Slash from G and R. I had read a small part of the book. So far the book is good. The cost? $1.99 from Ibooks. There is a special discount for selected books. I got mine, you get yours from Apple.

I hope you had a great weekend. Get out and do something Midtown! Cheers!