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Hello. My name is Jeff. Well maybe not. Although the weird guy at Walgreens on Union thought I was Jeff. If you have not been to the Walgreens on Union on a Friday or Saturday night, you should go. There is enough material for a documentary. It is true. Check it out. Free entertainment. Now for something completly different.

Dinner tonight? Sweet Grass Next Door. We have been here for dinner in the past. Let me say the dinner was great tonight. Chicken and waffles! DO NOT ORDER TWO PLATES FOR TWO PEOPLE. ONE plate was big enough for two. I made the choice and I have to say I made the correct choice. The chicken was great and the waffles were wonderful. And the salad was excellent as well. The place was PACKED by 7:00 a.m. If you haven’t made it to Sweet Grass Next Door, you are missing out. Go!

There is a GREAT article in the Memphis Daily News about Memphis politicians. Who’s to blame? Memphis voters are to blame. Stop electing IDIOTS to government jobs. If you want your city to become better, elect those who are qualified to govern. Read the article here Memphis by Dan Conaway.

Yes, this post is running backwards today.

My bike ride home took about 55 minutes. I was slightly off probably due to the wind.

Work was work. Most people enjoy Friday, but Friday is when I have many problems at work. And Mondays is when I have to clean up the mess from the weekend.

The ride into work was cold, but not bad. Again I made the ride in 55 minutes. Before I started the ride my wife asked me “Is it 37 degrees outside?” Me- “Yeah, but it will warm up.” And there you have it. Look on the bright side of life (as I shivered in the shade, riding along the Greenline).

Coffee Town got my day going this morning. A nice cup of iced coffee to start the day.

I finished the book “Sex on the Moon” by Ben Mezrich. A good book. Get yours from the Memphis Public Library. The book I am reading now? Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton. I heard the press panned the book, but so far the book is very good. I am not the huge Crichton fan, but I suggest you check the book out, from the Memphis Public Library. Thanks Memphis Public Library!

Wait. Are we done? I haven’t told my spooky Halloween story yet. So here is the “true but the names have been changed to protect the innocent” story (actually no names have been changed and they were not innocent, let me tell you). This story takes place in the fall. Nearly 30 years ago, my dumb teenage friends and I decided to go to the movies to see one of those scary slasher, homicidal maniac movies. You know, the one where the serial killer kills one camper at a time. “I have to go to the bathroom, but I will be right back!” Nooo….. he isn’t coming back. Don’t go to the bathroom! There is a crazed serial killer on the loose! You know it and I know it. This guy is not leaving the bathroom alive. And if a character managed to escape the steely knife of the killer, and was running from said killer, you KNOW the person HAD to slip and fall! Doh! I ALMOST made it out of the woods, to the car, before the maniac snares me! (Always wear good running shoes. Just sayin’). Where was I? Oh yes. My dumb friends and I watch the scary movie. None of us were REALLY scared because we are tough teenage boys. Yeah! Movie ends and we all give a nervous laugh. None of us were scared. Right? We arrive at my friend’s house. His EMPTY house. His parents are gone for the evening. (Wait. Isn’t this how ALL scary movies begin?) We aren’t scared. But we check all the closets JUST IN CASE the serial killer is hiding in the house. (The serial killer may have followed us home from the movies. It could happen). After checking the house to make sure no knife wielding maniacs are present, we settle in for some late night t.v. and records. (YES there were records back then. Those flat, round, black things you placed on a turn table …. oh never mind). Back to the story. We are STILL amped up  from the shocking movie we had just viewed at the theater. Just then my friend asks me “What was that?” “What was what?” I ask in reply. “I thought I heard something”. “Stop being stupid” I nervously replied. Guys do this to other guys. We LOVE to scare each other. “No, I heard something” he said. Now I know he is fooling around, trying to scare me. My friend is so sure he heard something, he orders us to search the house. Nothing is amiss. There are no animals to make sounds. There is no one in the house except my friends and I. Maybe his imagination was running wild after that psycho movie we had just watched. Twenty minutes later a muffled “THUDDDdddd” is heard by all of us. Now I hear the sound. Crap! I heard it! My other friends heard the same sound. WE ARE ALONE IN THE HOUSE. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE THAT CAN MAKE THAT SOUND IN THE HOUSE. And now us tough teenage boys are scared. “Search the house!” my friend orders. Again we search the house. Slowly I looked under the beds, pulling the bedspreads up from the floor slowllllly. Nothing. I YANK open the closet door. Nothing there either. Maybe the serial killer is outside, rattling the windows. I pull the curtains aside anddddd…… NOTHING. Someone or something is in the house, making a noise. And it is not us. Twenty minutes later…… “THUDDDdddd” Again! We are all standing in the living room TOGETHER. THERE IS SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE WITH US. WE ARE CONVINCED! CRAP! DOUBLE CRAP! (and other bad words I won’t mention here!) WE ARE SCARED! SOMEONE IS IN THE HOUSE! “Check the house again!” my friend says under his breath. Did the serial killer hear my friend last time? Does the knife wielding maniac have a great hiding place? A place we had yet to search in the house? We split up, each taking different rooms. (Exactly what the murderer WANTS us to do). After a few minutes, I heard my friend yell “Guys, come here!” HE’S FOUND THE KNIFE WIELDING MANIAC! He must have been in the garage! WE FORGOT TO SEARCH THE GARAGE! As we ran into the kitchen, my friend stands near the center. My friend smiles and says “Check this out!” We all stand in awe, hearts about to leap from our chests. THE KILLER IS HIDING IN THE REFRIGERATOR! MY FRIEND OPENS THE FREEZER DOOR AND ….. we notice the ice maker. Smiling, he points to the ice maker. THE ICE MAKER! Every twenty minutes or so, the ice maker would make the ice, then dump (THUDDDddd) the ice into a plastic box. “Ohhhh….” We all breathed a sigh of relief. Although we were CERTAIN there was a manic killer on the loose in the house, it turned out to only be the ice maker. That ice maker did scare some teenagers to a near certain death that night. And that night which started as a fun night out with my friends, watching a “slasher movie”, turned out to be a frightening night that I will never forget.

Scared? I do have a few more creepy stories, that didn’t have such an easy explanation. Stay tuned for more fright in the next few days.

Got nothing to do Midtown? Check these events out:

Macbeth by Shakespeare at Shelby Farms. October 5 – 23rd. Times vary. Get your tickets here.

River Arts Fest October 22nd & 23rd ( www.riverartsfest.org ). Always good stuff to find here. We attend every year. Go!

Tennessee Tease will be performing “Once Upon A Midnight Eerie” at Newby’s Saturday October 22nd. Go!

Catholics and the King James Bible. Lecture at CBU, Spain Auditorium 7:00 p.m. October 24th. Go!

“House of 1000 Corsets” performed by the Memphis Belles burlesque group. The event takes place October 29th at 9:00 p.m. at the Hi-Tone. This event sounds awesome. Get more information here.