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Wild Wednesday Midtown. Are you warm enough? Turn up the heat and pull up a chair.

This day began at Coffee Town. I had a chat with the K-man about those outdoor fire pit things. We do not have one, but it would be nice to invest in one for the patio. And since Memphis has this nice chilled air, maybe I should start looking for said fire pit.

Next up? My ride along the Memphis Greenline. Yes, the temperature was in the 40’s, but I did it. My time was a near record 50 minutes bike ride to work. The first 30 minutes of the ride were on the cold side. I wore the wrong gloves. I had a SHORT sleeve shirt on under my jacket. I had the wrong socks on. (You can tell I was doing REAL good this morning). BUT, I did have the right helmet on. My new birthday skull helmet is GREAT for cold weather. There will be some shopping done this weekend to correct these cold weather problems.

And another thing; ELECTRIC SOCKS. I have been looking into electric socks since last year. Do I need them? Probably not. At least not for the bike ride. The temperature IN the office when I arrived at work? 50 something degrees. Now you understand the reason for electric socks.

The bike ride home was a different matter. The wind had kicked up pretty good. 4.5 miles of strong wind in your face does not make for a good ride. But one I was one mile along the Greenline, I was okay. Trying to make up lost time from the headwinds, I pedaled faster. With less than 3 miles to go, I was sure I was back on track to make quick time for the ride home. Then I saw a cyclist sitting on the edge of the path, messing about with his pedals. “You need help?’ I asked him. He said his chain had come off the gears. I stopped, took off my helmet and lunch box and started working on the chain. In a minute I had the chain placed back on the gears and he took off. Now my time and frame of mind were completely off. I did end the ride with a time of 58 minutes. I was disappointed about the time, but I was glad I was able to help someone. I always think to myself, what if I need help when out riding my bike. I would hope someone would stop to offer me assistance. So there is my good deed for the day.

Did you get your daily deal for Republic Coffee? I have mine. Make sure you get yours.

And it appears we have a new reader for the blog. Number one, I like iced coffee. Number two, I like riding my bike. Number three, I like iced coffee. You get the picture. Thanks for reading.

Tomorrows bike ride to work should be interesting. Thanks for the 42 degree temperatures Midtown. See you tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday.

Memphis Events:

Macbeth by Shakespeare at Shelby Farms. October 5 – 23rd. Times vary. Get your tickets here.

River Arts Fest October 22nd & 23rd ( www.riverartsfest.org ). Always good stuff to find here. We attend every year. Go!

Tennessee Tease will be performing “Once Upon A Midnight Eerie” at Newby’s Saturday October 22nd. Go!

Catholics and the King James Bible. Lecture at CBU, Spain Auditorium 7:00 p.m. October 24th. Go!

“House of 1000 Corsets” performed by the Memphis Belles burlesque group. The event takes place October 29th at 9:00 p.m. at the Hi-Tone. This event sounds awesome. Get more information here.