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Happy Saturday to you! I’ve got news, events, bike, beer and coffee. Here we go!

First up, I received a phone call in the early morning. My wife found a Schwinn in near mint condition at a yard sale off Central. The bike even had NEW tires. (The guy said the tires cost more than $100 last year). This bike has been in his garage at all times. The bike looks brand new. Asking price? $25.00. Cha-ching. Thank you. I ran over and picked the bike up. Of course I gave the bike a quick test drive. Let me just say this bike is SWEET! Awesome!

Coffee Town was the next stop on my agenda. I read the paper, then my e-book (library edition). “Sex on the Moon” is the name of the book. GREAT BOOK. I love reading this book every day. A true story of a guy who figures out how to get into NASA, and then attempts to steal moon rocks.

Next on the list? Cooper Young Beer Festival 2011. In one hour I will be drinking some beer! Well a good amount of beer to say the least. I can’t wait. Cheers!

I found a very cool event that I believe is free and very close to home. I will post that event soon.

The weather is awesome Midtown. Get outside and do something! Like  a beer festival or something.