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Awesome Sunday to you Midtown! I have been to several events and today rocked. Let me tell you about it.

We started the day at Republic Coffee. I had my usual and I attempted to read the news. I didn’t get very far. I couldn’t get a good wifi connection and I felt distracted. My vibe was off.

Next we attended the Pink Palace Crafts Fair.

I knew someone working the event and met him inside for a chat. We also knew someone associated with the museum and received free tickets. Score! So we start out making our way around the stalls, looking for cool stuff. We found it, big time. My new favorite artist is Martha Bennington. She makes wrist bands from old license plates.

Rockin License Plate Wrist band.

I wanted to purchase EVERYTHING she had. She also makes ear rings. After looking at different items for 20 minutes, I found what I wanted. Martha will also do custom work for you if you have a license plate you want her to use. I am already looking for a license plate. I do have to say, the artist and I were on the same page. She was cool as an Eskimo.

My wife liked the ear rings and I purchased a pair for her.

Do yourself a favor and check out Martha’s website; www.the3sisters.com. I have a feeling I will be buying more great stuff from this artist.

And the next artist? Robert Cornman. We purchased three paintings from the artist last year. This year, we purchased a GREAT work.

Love the artwork.

I told him I wanted to buy EVERYTHING he had. Make sure to check out his website www.rjcmindworks.com. I have to say he has a great, positive personality. We chatted briefly about how he creates these works, and the different colors he uses. Better yet, he is already scheduled to appear next year at the Pink Palace Crafts Fair. We are planning for his next visit.

I also purchased some really good cider while we were at the fair.

We arrived home and jumped on our bikes to head to Slider Inn. It is October Feast! I purchased a beer.

Preferred Parking at Slider Inn

Guess which one is mine.

Party on the Patio

After meeting a friend, we headed over to Young Avenue Deli. I ordered my same sandwich “The Politically Incorrect”. Good as always.

Politically Incorrect

Oh yeah. That bike tire with the holes in it. Here is the picture. I guess I wore that tire out.

"I'm worn out!"

What a great weekend Midtown. And remember, next week is Cooper Young Beer Fest. Get outside and live loud Midtown.

Memphis Events:

How about FREE a French Film Fest? 7:00 p.m. at the U of M, October 11th. We saw the Italian Film Fest which was GREAT. Go!

Macbeth by Shakespeare at Shelby Farms. October 5 – 23rd. Times vary. Get your tickets here.

Cooper Young BEER FEST! Saturday October 15th 1-5 p.m. Get your tickets here. I have mine, go get yours, and have a drink with me!

Tennessee Tease will be performing “Once Upon A Midnight Eerie” at Newby’s Saturday October 22nd. Go!

“House of 1000 Corsets” performed by the Memphis Belles burlesque group. The event takes place October 29th at 9:00 p.m. at the Hi-Tone. This event sounds awesome. Get more information here.