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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Get ready to rock.

I began the day at Coffee Town with a discussion with the K-Man about the upcoming G & R event. Lesson learned? Rock and roll comes with many bad habits. Habits than can eventually kill you. Good talk.

Making my way along the Greenline I discovered ANOTHER scarf.

This scarf is located on the bridge near Tillman

What is going on? I want answers. My latest theory; Mexican Bandits! I could happen. And further along, I found ANOTHER scarf.

This scarf is located near the beginning of the Greenline, on the bridge.

Please, someone explain the deal with the scarfs. Is this one of those fads where women put a color as their Facebook status and make men scratch their head curiously? So I keep riding along and reach the end of the Greenline and I find this:

This scarf is located at the beginning of the Greenline.

A different scarf! The Mexican Bandits need to stop!

So I keep riding and I find a field of cotton that goes on forever.

Endless cotton...

Work, work, work and I was done for the day.

Heading back home, I find the buffalo at Shelby Farms.


If you drive to work in a car, I doubt you see things like this. Also on the ride home I found this sign along the Greenline:

So... what... does... it... mean?

I still haven’t figured out the message in the sign. If you have the sign figured out, please let me know.

Lastly, www.Lifehacker.com posted an article about securing your bicycle. The video is amusing. You should watch it and grade yourself. Check out the article here.

I was exhausted after today’s ride. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I will do the ride again tomorrow. Get out and have fun Midtown.

Memphis Events:

Macbeth by Shakespeare at Shelby Farms. October 5 – 23rd. Times vary. Get your tickets here.

Cooper Young BEER FEST! Saturday October 15th 1-5 p.m. Get your tickets here. I have mine, go get yours, and have a drink with me!

Tennessee Tease will be performing “Once Upon A Midnight Eerie” at Newby’s Saturday October 22nd. Go!

“House of 1000 Corsets” performed by the Memphis Belles burlesque group. The event takes place October 29th at 9:00 p.m. at the Hi-Tone. This event sounds awesome. Get more information here.