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Weird Wednesday Midtown. And do I have a post for you. This post is loaded to the brim with pictures, events, food, coffee, life and death. Let the games begin!

We started the morning having a bite to eat at Republic Coffee. My wife ordered a omlette. When the food arrived I could not believe the size of this thing. Did they use an entire tray of eggs to build the thing? “I need a forklift to table seven to move this breakfast in” I thought I overheard on the p.a. system. Holy cow! The thing was huge. “Need anything else?” the waiter asked. “A to go box please” I answered. I was so stunned I forgot to take a picture.

At 8:15 a.m. the Greenline was calling me. This was the first day in two weeks since I had biked to work. 22.6 miles, HERE WE GO! The bike and legs felt good to be back riding along the Greenline. So what was the problem? I ended up taking 8 minutes longer than usual during the 6.5 miles of the Greenline. Have I turned “old” during my sickness? What the heck happened? I guess my legs were not in great shape after having the cold for a couple of weeks. I finally arrived at work, with 15 minutes to spare.

And another thing… I noticed scarves along the Greenline this morning.

Scarf at Shelby Farms

Is the tree cold? Really? Located near the Greenline Mural.

Greenline Scarf located near the eastern edge of the bridge, north side of trail.

What is going on? Theories abound. Dead drop signs for spies in Memphis? Tree’s need to be warmer? Is this some sort of internet thing the young people are doing? Like “planking”? “Here, go tie this scarf to a tree and take a picture of it”. Aliens? Bigfoot? You tell me what is going on Midtown.

And I read an article in the Commercial Appeal about Shakespeare in the park at Shelby Farms. When I first heard about the event, I wasn’t interested. Don’t get me wrong, I love Shakespeare, well some of it. Here goes. I like the funny plays. I don’t like the many other plays where EVERYONE DIES in the play. You know, like opera. I mean, really. Why so much death Mr. Speare?

Ah, Mr. Shakes. His portrait hanging over the door of Shakespeare and Company Paris, France. I stopped in once or twice a year for seven years when in town.

Mummy treat you wrong? Just asking. So, what made me interested in the play at the park was the part of the article that stated “ride your bike to the play”. Great idea. Ooops. Then I thought about the schedule of the play. If the show begins at 7:30 p.m. and the play ends 9:30 EARLIEST (just a guess) …. hmmm…. that would mean some bike riding in the dark along the Greenline. At least for me that is what it would mean. I do think the idea of biking to the show is a good one, especially for weekend plays.

And better yet, most comments for articles by readers in the Commercial Appeal are for the most part… how shall I say it… dumb. Yeah, I said it. “If it weren’t for those there crooked politicians in town…” Crooked politicians? In Memphis? No way!         “I think we need MORE guns in bars…” GREAT IDEA! Fantastic. And my least favorite, “First!” Wow. That makes your day? To state “First!” for a comment of an article in the online newspaper. Okay. You are number one. But today’s comments by Bluesfan1959 are AWESOME. When someone commented on how there weren’t any directions in the article given to the amphitheater at Shelby Farms, Bluesfan1959 wrote this:

“As thou enterest the park from Walnut Grove, go thee north until thee reacheth a fork in the road. Ponder not but take the right fork into the park as the left will lead thee to the County Penal Institution. As thou passes the body of water on the right, bear north and west, passing the Buffalo on the left and the disc challenge competiton (frisbee golf course). When confronted with a decision to go right to the second lake or to goeth left to a parking area, choose left. Just beyond the parking area your eyes will falleth upon the open glenn that you seek.”

And if you need direction and cost, Bluesfan1959 wrote this:

“As a seeker of information not readily available from the scribe of this article, I hence have made discovery of two key parcels of knowledge that one would needeth to participate in the evenings events. As day cometh to an end, and the hour of 7:30 draws near, participants of the ensemble will gather to perform their version of the ‘fore mentioned, “Macbeth”. The performers only ask for a paltry indulgence of $15 to witness the evening’s incantations.”

I don’t know Bluesfan1959, but he is damn funny. But there is a point made by someone that I checked out myself while riding in the park. I began my ride home and I usually take the path in the park up to the north-west section of the park to get to the Greenline. This evening, I wanted to stop by the theater and take a picture or two. So I find the sign for the show at the park.

They are killing 'em at Shelby Farms tonight.

Good. The sign is at the front of the park. I ride to the center of the park. Where is said amphitheater? There were so many goeth, cometh, lefteth, righteth, and foreths in the comment that I didn’t know whereth to turneth. There were no signs that said “Macbeth HERE” or signs pointing to said play. I have worked in show business a LONG TIME. You MUST put up signs to direct the audience. I even asked several people in the park for directions to the amphitheater. No one knew. After searching for several minutes I found the stage.

Hey look, a castle in Shelby Farms!

Oh, here it is...

So after a few extra miles at Shelby Farms, I began my ride along the Greenline. The ride back home only took 42 minutes. I made much better time this evening. I felt jazzed for some reason. G & R playing on the Ipod (first and last album only people, let’s not get crazy), and the great weather. I’m back in the saddle! 25.6 miles today.

Arriving home, my wife thought it best to stop in at Pho Saigon for dinner. So we had egg rolls and soup.

That was actually TWO egg rolls. I was hungry and made the two into one egg roll...

and now for some soup.

The dinner was good. The service tonight was good as well. You can always count on Pho Saigon for a good meal.

When I arrived home I read the sad news that Steve Jobs passed away. I remember when he retired just a few months ago from Apple. Only ONE person in this city asked me “What do you think of Jobs retiring?” I laughed and went on to say that she was the only person who commented on his departure from Apple. I also went on to explain how music is such a huge part of Memphis, but most people in town do not realize how big Jobs’ departure from Apple was. The man re-invented the way we listen to music and the way we communicate with each other. American society would be much different without Steve Jobs. Love him or hate him, the man was incredible. See ya Steve!

I WAS going to write a rant about the day at the office, but I don’t have the nerve to do so now. Maybe tomorrow. My agenda you ask? A mixed drinketh and then bedeth. Have a GREATeth weeketh, and live loud Midtowneth!

Memphis Events:

How about FREE a French Film Fest? 7:00 p.m. at the U of M, October 4th, 5th, 6th, and 11th. We saw the Italian Film Fest which was GREAT. Go!

Macbeth by Shakespeare at Shelby Farms. October 5 – 23rd. Times vary. Get your tickets here.

Cooper Young BEER FEST! Saturday October 15th 1-5 p.m. Get your tickets here. I have mine, go get yours, and have a drink with me!

Tennessee Tease will be performing “Once Upon A Midnight Eerie” at Newby’s Saturday October 22nd. Go!

“House of 1000 Corsets” performed by the Memphis Belles burlesque group. The event takes place October 29th at 9:00 p.m. at the Hi-Tone. This event sounds awesome. Get more information here.