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Finally Friday Midtown. Time for the weeeeeekend. Let’s get it started.

I stopped in at Coffee Town to get my morning started. After checking the news, I headed to work. Work, work, work and I was finished and headed to downtown for Trolley Night.

To start out, I crossed a street, looked up, and there was the mayor. He happened to be meeting people at the College of Art downtown. There were fewer exhibits tonight at the gallery on the first floor. Some of the exhibits were good, others not so. We stayed for a short time, then headed down the street. More art; some good, some not.

And now for something completely different. We were in the bike shop downtown and my wife pointed out one of the members of Cycle Memphis working in the shop. We chatted briefly. I told him he had paced me for about one minute during Cycle Memphis 1.0. Then he left me in his dust without breaking a sweat. He just laughed. I told him I would see him Saturday night for Cycle Memphis 4.0.

Next stop? Pearl’s Oyster House for dinner. I was a little disappointed. My dinner was not as good as one month ago. Sometimes you win, and other times you lose. I do have to say I was tired tonight. I am not sure why. We did have a good time downtown. People if you are not attending Trolley Night, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Good art, good food, free wine. Hello! Get out Midtown.

I will see you tomorrow at the Greenline Birthday Party and Cycle Memphis 4.0. Now it is time for a drink and bedtime. Have a great weekend and I will see you here tomorrow for more love, beer, and Greenline. Cheers!